Mix Tip: Adding Weight to a Kick Drum at the Hook

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How to use automation and an EQ to add weight to a kick drum during the hook/chorus of a song.

– Avid Pro Tools
– Slate Digital Trigger
– Pultec EQP-1A Equalizer


Hey what’s up guys? David Glenn of DavidGlennRecording.com and TheProAudioFiles.com. Today I’m going to kick off a new series kind of un-ended not a one, two, three part series. But just however many videos I can think of on tips and tricks that I use with automation.

I’m going to kick it off with automating an EQ on kick at the hook. So that the kick is a certain way at the verses and then bam, hits you in the face or in this case, hits you in the rear with some low end, when the hook comes in.

So I’m going to hit play. I’m going to show you this track by one of my really good friends Mika Beckwith out of Indianapolis, Indiana. And this an EDM style track that they threw together for children’s church. So the kids are going to be dancing and rocking out to this track.

Let’s hit play and we’ll talk about what we have going on.

Nice so, you can feel, if you didn’t hear it, hit play again, rewind, hit play again. But it’s just a little lift in the sub frequencies whenever the hook hit. So let’s bypass everything and show you what I was given. And let’s come here. Turn that off for a second. And this is what I was sent.

Cool, and then what I did was I put in trusty slight trigger two. And I’ve pulled in an EDM kick. Now, I didn’t stop there. I actually de-tuned the thing. So there’s a kick sample that I picked. I really liked what it was doing. But I pulled that down. I had it at 75, minus 75. What is that, cents I think it goes by. But minus 75 and then listen.

So I haven’t really been in the habit of de-tuning EDM kicks. But this one, it just kind of happened to work. And for this track, I liked what it did. So let’s hear what that was doing. Actually, let’s play in the track with no automation on.

Okay, first things first. Let’s actually bring in some of this other processing. And this is the pull up that I used UAD to add 60Hz in, boosting a little, attenuating a little bit. And let’s hear that one.

Yeah, so for me, that does nothing at the hook. The hook, that’s where you really want to punch people in the face. You want it to kick in. You want it to really just smash. And you want it to grab people’s attention. And that does nothing for me there. So, I don’t mind it. But I didn’t want to lift. I want to lift it up. And what I did was I added another pull tech. And let me put the automation back on. And now take a listen to what this does.

It’s pretty obvious. You’re going to hear this when the hook starts. Very cool. So if you like that man, by all means take it. Run with it. Try it with distortion. I say that a lot. I love distortion, lots of really great distortion plugins out there actually. There are a lot of free ones that are really great. The Softube Saturation for you Pro Tools guys. You’ll dig that. If you Google that, you’ll find that one.

Love the plug & mix. And I think plug & mix, if you like on their page, you get to pick a free plugin. So if you haven’t seen that yet, maybe we’ll put up a link. And show some love for those guys over there.

My favorite actually right now is the FabFilter. I want to say it’s the volcano. But whichever one is the distortion from FabFilter, I recently picked those up. Those are incredible. And man that’s just tutorial. So one more time, I’m going to play it. And take a listen to what that’s doing. And then we’ll catch you guys on the next video.

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