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Mastering Demystified is a 4+ hour course teaches you everything you need to know about audio mastering. Learn the tools, techniques and mindsets to consistently get great-sounding masters every time. Whether you’re mastering your own music, mastering for others, or even just working with a professional engineer for the first time, this course is for you.

** Take your mastering skills to the next level **

Mastering Demystified distills all the best practices of great mastering engineers into a fun and easy to follow guide to the process, complete with audio examples. Through this course you will:

– Become deeply familiar with the mastering process from start to finish

– Establish a foolproof approach to setting EQ and compressors for any track

– Learn how to determine how (and how much) to compress or limit each track

– Confidently use stereo wideners, multiband compressors, mid-side & more

– Learn how to make masters loud and powerful without compromising quality

* Learn the basics of mastering *

In Theory Module 1, Justin breaks down the secrets of mastering in a comprehensive overview of the process. Learn more about each of the tools and main elements of the mastering process, as well as the goals and mindsets of great mastering engineers.

* Learn how to use EQ like a pro *

In Theory Module 2, Justin walks you through the process of EQing when mastering, showing you exactly what to listen for and how to approach your EQ, as well as more advanced topics like dynamic EQ and more.

*Learn how to set your compressors and limiters *

Compression and limiting are two of the mastering engineers’ most essential tools. In Theory Module 3, you’ll learn how great mastering engineers set their compressors and limiters, and get actionable tips on how much to compress, how to stack you compressors, and the hows, whens and whys of using multiband compression.

* Learn advanced processing techniques *

Theory Module 4 is all about the finishing touches, including one of the most popular mastering tools of today: Stereo Wideners. Learn how to use them without abusing them, and learn all about Mid-Side processing, stereo compression & EQ modes, de-essers and other special processors, plus a whole lot more!

* Learn advanced concepts for electronic music *

In practical module 2, Justin cracks open iZotope Ozone to show off more advanced concepts like multi-band compression, saturation, dynamic EQ and more on two electronic mixes. Hear how much of a difference choosing the right limiter can make, and learn how to control unruly low end resonances without losing power or impact.

* Learn tricks for mastering vocal-driven performances *

Hear the effect of mastering on a powerful acoustic singer-songwriter track. Learn how to help showcase a vocal-driven performance, and make it more captivating, while protecting what makes the singer—and the entire arrangement—unique.

* Get great sounding masters using only stock plugins *

In Practical Module 1, Justin shows you how to master a track from start to finish using only simple stock plugins that you’ll find inside your DAW! Then compare the results to the sound of a high-end analog master to hear just how close they can become with a little bit of strategy and a little bit of time.

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