How to Use Parallel Compression on Drums in a Mix

https://learncompression.com // A video on the basic concept of using parallel compression on drums in a mix.

4 Parallel Processing Techniques for Drums in a Mix: https://theproaudiofiles.com/parallel-processing-drums-in-a-mix/


Parallel compression is by no stretch a new thing. But in case it’s a new term: the idea is your parallel track goes face first into a compressor and gets shmooshed to gravy, and then blended up into the uncompressed track.

Primarily, this enhances the sustain of the drums without really altering the attack — a technique which is tried and true for both close mics like snare and kick, and also for the whole of the kit.

The added bonus is that if you time the release right, you can create a little push-pull motion for the drums and enhance the sense of groove while you’re at it. And you get some of the character of the compressor as well!

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