Augmenting Kick & Snare Drum with United Pop from XLN Audio

A video on augmenting kick and snare in a pop mix with United Pop virtual drums from XLN Audio.

More from Ian: http://mixingpop.co // https://theproaudiofiles.com/author/ianvargo/

United Pop features a vintage Leedy & Ludwig kit with a Ludwig nickel over brass snare and an ancient but great sounding Japanese-made “Trump” branded snare. The ADpak includes over 30 professionally-designed presets that deliver instant, radio-ready sounds in many different flavors. If you need further inspiration, there are lots of MIDIpaks with professionally played rhythms to get you started on your next pop production.

United Pop contains
22×14″ Leedy & Ludwig
14×6.5″ Ludwig Nickel Over Brass
14×5″ Trump
13×9″ Leedy & Ludwig (Tuned High)
13×9″ Leedy & Ludwig (Tuned Low)
16×16″ Leedy & Ludwig (Tuned High)
16×16″ Leedy & Ludwig (Tuned Low)
14″ Zildjian Vintage K Hihat
20″ United Pop Thin Crash
20″ United Pop Dark Crash
20″ United Pop Heavy Crash
21″ United Pop Crash
26″ United Pop Ride
Wood/Plastic Block
Leedy & Ludwig Rim Clicks

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