We Test UnderToneAudio MPEQ-1 Channel Strip, Mic Pre & EQ

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: https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/2018/11/19/being-able-to-see-the-curves-of-an-outboard-eq-using-a-frequency-analyser-helps-you-to-learn-its-characteristics-fast-we-test-the-performance-of-undertoneaudios-mpeq-1

Over the past year or so my mixing workflow has become more reliant on studio outboard processors. As I slowly move away from an exclusive “in the box” approach towards a more hybrid setup I find myself more and more interested in testing outboard EQ units. Our friends at SX Pro kindly stepped into assist me in my pursuit of all things analog EQ and though it would be a good idea for me to test some gear from UnderToneAudio, more specifically, UnderToneAudio’s 1U Class A MPEQ-1 mic pre EQ channel strip.
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