Test – Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Raumzeitmaschine – Tube Reverb

In this video we test Tegeler Audio Manufaktur’s latest device, The Raumzeitmaschine Tube reverb. This is the first effects processor Tegeler Audio have developed, which is a bit of departure as they are best known for brilliant sounding EQ and dynamics processors (of which we have reviews of). Never the less, this is a great sounding reverb that produces a wide range of ambiences from small sounding subtle rooms to extreme out of this world spaces.

Watch the video to get an overview of the four main Raumzeitmaschine controls (size, decay, density & pre-delay) and to hear a selection of reverb settings on a full folk ballad mix and lead vocal example.

Visit the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur website for more information about the Raumzeitmaschine and to book a 14-day demo unit to test in your own studio. 

Like the Schwerkraft Maschine, Tegeler Audio armed The Raumzeitmaschine with motorized pots. This is a really useful feature as it enables users to interact with the device in a number of ways via a free plug-in that also enables users to save and recall settings quickly.

Artist: James Hodder https://jameshodder.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-beginning

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