Conquer Your Vocal Track’s Dynamic Range With A Touch Of Upwards Compression

In this free video tutorial, brought to you with the support of Waves, we show you how to shape the dynamics of your lead vocal tracks in seconds using dual compression in Waves MV2 Plug-in. In a previous video I showed you a way to mix your lead vocal tracks with two compressor plug-ins, Waves CLA-2A & CLA-76, in this video we show you an alternative way to dual compressor your vocals using this, waves MV2.

MV2 features three super simple controls:

High-Level Compression: Performs how you expect a standard compressor to work when signal passes a threshold. Attack and release times are set and taken care of behind the scenes but what makes this control very useful is that it automatically compensates the level difference when compression is applied. 

Low-Level Compression: Performs in an opposite way. Signal below the threshold is compressed upwards adding more gain to low level audio. 


In this video we use MV2’s low and high level controls to level the dynamics of a vocal track that was performed hot in the entry of the first line and softer in the second.
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