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Check out XTT | Check out Plugin Deals | Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper reviews the key features of VINAI XTT by W.A. Production. XTT comes from the collaboration between our good friends and W.A. Production and the massive DJ & Producer duo VINAI. Enjoy a 5-band multiband compressor with both upward and downward compression capabilities and a boat load more functionality. Use it one single channels like drums, bass, leads, vocals or on your mix busses and even your master chain! XTT by VINAI Mixing: Magnified Italian brothers, Alessandro & Andrea Vinai, are known for their hands-in-the-air Big Room EDM sound. Coming together as a music production duo over a decade ago, they are currently signed to Spinnin’ Records and dominate the Beatport charts. In their careers as DJs, they host sell-out club nights and pack in partygoers from all around the globe. Now they finally bring their production talents and distinctive sound to the software realm, with this versatile compression plugin. Over a year in development, this innovative collaboration with W. A. Production brings a piece of VINAI into your own studio. 5-Band Compressor The 5-band compressor passes your audio through low, low-mid, mid, mid-high and high bands, all with adjustable crossovers. Each band has its own tweakable threshold level and make-up gain dial. These settings give an unparalleled level of control to your compressed signal. Intuitively drag the threshold levels and frequency crossover points to shape your sound, all whilst watching the real-time frequency analyser display the results of your adjustments. Surgical Shaping Each of the 5 bands has an optional surgical shaping section to control the specifics for that particular band. Solo it, mute it, adjust the RMS, the Attack and Release or tilt the Mid / Side information. Upward & Downward Compression With independent controls, upward and downward compression can be dialled in simultaneously – up to 200%. This allows for sound-shaping fixes, such as balancing vocal levels or clamping down on drum transients whilst simultaneously bringing up the level of the room ambience. Using these two types of compression also offers up creative possibilities, emphasising the splashy explosiveness of transients or creating room tone out of thin air. Time For a quick and easy way to scale up the attack and release times of all of the 5 different bands, use the Time dial. This applies timing changes across the board, useful for previewing what might happen with the more surgical per-band attack and release settings. Limiter No need to use a third party limiter as XTT’s built-in Brickwall Limiter adds unique saturation to the signal, without introducing unwanted distortion. Its transparent behaviour can be dialled in with an adjustable Boost setting, to ensure that your outgoing audio is as punchy and loud as possible without sacrificing the fidelity of the sound. Linked In & Out Faders Gain staging is a really important factor in effective plugin processing. With that in mind, the Input and Output faders can be linked, so that you can tame the signal going into XTT whilst simultaneously keeping control of the output volume. The meters allow accurate visualization of the incoming and outgoing signal whilst you finesse your settings. Keeping a close eye on the meters whilst you tweak your compression values makes it easy to preserve the theoretical loudness of the sound. Bypass & Master Mix The bypass control is smoothed to be as click and pop free as possible for unhindered A/B testing. Choose to mix the compressed signal with your original raw audio via the central Mix ratio control, allowing you to dial down the compression ratio for parallel effects. Visual Feedback The real-time frequency display shows exactly what’s happening to the signal as it travels through each stage of the compressor in real-time. This allows for accurate monitoring for each of the 5 bands and at every step of the signal chain. Features Designed by VINAI Artist curated processing Upward & Downward multiband compression with surgical shaping Linked Input & Output faders for accurate gain staging 5 adjustable frequency bands with threshold and makeup gain Detailed per-band shaping: RMS, Attack / Release, Mid / Side Scalable Time dial Transparent brick wall limiter Real-time frequency display Pop & click free bypass Responsive & CPU friendly Factory presets #PluginBoutique #VANAI #XTT

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