Top Five Friday | Best Plugins That Are WAY CHEAPER Than They Should Be

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The List:
1. TimeShaper (Cableguys)
2. TAL-U-NO-LX (Togu Audio Line)
3. Scaler (Plugin Boutique)
4. Multipass (kiloHearts)
5. Tone Empire (Goliath)

Top Five Friday | Best Plugins That Are WAY CHEAPER Than They Should Be. The best plugin deals of 2019.

5. Tone Empire (Goliath)

This channel strip-emulating plugin recreates three types of audio signal path: solid state, tube and tape, modelling each of the three to provide the specific response you’d associate with it.

Once you’ve chosen the type of signal path, you can add input drive, set low, mid and high bands and engage a low-cut switch to use Goliath’s onboard EQ.

Goliath’s Envelope section – compression, by any other name – lets you set Attack and Release times, and there’s also a Motion control with settings ranging from Splat to Sharp.

The tone-shaping characteristics of Goliath can be yours at £59.95.

4. Multipass (kiloHearts)

kiloHearts’ modular workstation provides you a blank canvas of a multiband network, and then has you loading individual effects, called Snapins, into each band to create custom effects setups.

You could, say, load a compressor on your lowest band to take down the bass only, then add modulation to the upper mids and highs, and stick a reverb followed by an EQ followed by a compressor on the mids. There’s also modulation onboard, so you can affect parameters of the Snapins using LFOs, audio and MIDI triggers.

Pretty much anything is possible with Multipass, and this infinite possibility costs £85.

3. Scaler (Plugin Boutique)

With its approach to straightforward music theory, Scaler makes keys and chords easier to understand and choose, and it only costs £39.95.

First of all, Scaler’s Detection mode analyzes the MIDI you feed into it, and offers suggestions for the key you’re in. You can also use Detection mode to find out which other scales will fit with the one you’re currently using, giving you more options.

Scaler then offers a wide range of chords to choose from, including groups of progressions, some of which come straight out of top artists’ chord bags. There’s also a fretboard view for guitar-centric playing, and an arpeggiator built in to rhythmize your chords and create complex runs of notes.

Scaler’s most recent update, version 1.7, added over 100 new chord sets to the mix, bringing you even more inspiration.

2. TAL-U-NO-LX (Togu Audio Line)

Roland’s Juno-60 is an iconic 80s synth with a legendary chorus. You can get yourself one second-hand, but it’s not exactly price to move at about £2000.

Definitely priced to sell like hot cakes, on the other hand, is Togu Audio Line’s Juno-60 emulation, TAL-U-NO-LX. This modern-day software recreation uses zero-delay feedback filters to get the best possible sound quality, but it also emulates the analogue inconsistencies
of the original instrument.

This synth is also equipped with a great recreation of the Juno-60’s Chorus, a built-in effect with just two mode selectors but an era-defining sound.

While a separate emulation of that chorus is also available from TAL, the main TAL-U-NO-LX plugin will set you back just £46 from Plugin Boutique.

1. TimeShaper (Cableguys)

With TimeShaper, you can play with the very fabric of time using just an effects plugin. Just like a DJ scratching away at a record to make things move forward or backward, TimeShaper lets you draw a time-response curve in its graph, programming scratches, slow-down effects,
and many more ear-bending effects.

TimeShaper runs inside Cableguys’ ShaperBox rack system, but you don’t have to purchase any more than a single TimeShaper license to get going with it.

So the plugin is already a great deal on its own at £32.95, but you also get a license for Cableguys’ HalfTime plugin as part of the package. HalfTime lets you slow down your audio by 2 times, 4 times, or 1.5 times, with pristine stretching quality, and then has you blending
between the slowed and the original signal.



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