Hello and welcome to top 5 Friday
I’m your host Tim can’t but this time you
can call me the mad stuntman because
we’re getting reel-to-reel with the top
5 tape emulation plugins around let’s
press play bad tape no doughnuts at
number 5 3 lights is blazing it up a
number for the tape keeps things simple
at three the fields are reals are two
and satin is our silky smooth number one
of five bad tape by denise this plugin
emulates tape but with extreme prejudice
with controls such as arm and squeal you
know your audio is in that from rough
night so the idea isn’t just to get the
vintage sound of tape is to push it to
its extremes adding intentional
artifacts detuning and slowing down the
virtual reels and at making things that
wobble like an uncalibrated setup of
course you can dial back all these
effects for somewhat subtle traditional
tape flavor bad tape is available for
just under fifty euro if you’re looking
for low fiber d you’ve come to the right
place because bad tape by Denise will do
you dirty and i’m going to use this
smooth piano a loop to test out all
these tape apology ins so you can get an
idea how they respond to the same audio
signal as you can see we have the mix
turned down to zero let’s have a listen
to that smooth smooth sound too in its
dry form
very lovely let’s all walk up the filth
oh very obvious destruction going on
let’s go for a hundred percents Oh
Oh let’s turn down that output just so
we don’t clip their master
we have various controls here for this
nastiness and these Wow shake squeal
that stuff they controlled by the speeds
so let’s have a listen to what that does
very goods and we can control the
amounts easily Slater says let’s really
rough this up
Oh horrendous noises oh yay
the homeowner really breaks it up as well
it’s up another muck about with the
speeds Lords are really fantastic stuff
and of course okay that’s a bit
distracting I’m gonna turn these down a
bit and then we could listen to some
nice saturation wouldn’t be hot would be
very careful so he didn’t click the
master I’m gonna keep an eye on it all
order cave
oh yeah breaking up like a Gooden and we
have a color control as well
which brightens things up
oh and then it dulls them as well in
another little treat we’ve got is this
detune button I’ll see what that does
right now so you play your sounds
and then you could hold down this and
it’s like you’re putting your finger on
the tape and then when you release it
yeah tons of fun for really quite
reasonably priced to plug in you better
check Denise’s bad tape out for yourself
but it before relight by beat skills
when at magnetic tone is your only
desire this plug-in can relight your
fire with its blend of saturation and
compression effects there’s an input
drive control to warm the signal up just
right and output knob to compensate for
it there’s also a local style and a
low-cut switch we can boost the lows of
the through tape saturation and cut the
bottom end at the same time the sort of
pull techniques at tape scenario
you also get control over the inches per
second to change the playback quality
and there are air and noise those to
boost the highs and add some background
buzz relight is available for 60 pounds
imagine if your love was my only desire
be pretty weird let’s not worry about
that right now though has concentrate on
relight let’s play a bit of this at dry
piano and we’ll unbias a plug in hear
how it sounds
okay selling pretty smooth it’s uh in
fact we’ll go for 100% of Wyatt’s first
of all they’ll pump up this input drive
oh oh now you’ll notice I’m gonna turn
the output down just so this sound isn’t
ridiculous loud but you couldn’t really
Ram this there seems to be some kind of
built-in at limiting and say go real
hard and they’re clipping yeah
Oh sonic destruction and say let’s see
how Oh God okay that’s too much to me
let’s see what else we’ve got going on
here we’ve got a little bit of air now
that air is kind of subtle so I’m gonna
shut up while I show it off you can have
a listen see what you hear
and turn this down a little bit first
some math faces we turn it up don’t
worry about that
a little summon something there it’s a
nice little touch also we have some that
noise though yeah taking the hiss out
there we go and we have our low boost
which really punches at the bottom end
and like I said earlier we can there I
take the low cut at the same time so
there you go a cool sounding plugin for
pretty cool price a three take way stock
tube stock cubes enter into the world of
magnetic tape all those three types of
tape machine the different takes on the
sound each more vintage er than the last
then there’s an amount doll to add more
taping depth to the sounds and a tape
speed doll to disrupt the virtual tape
head more or less giving rise to more of
that characteristic sounds there’s not
much more to it than that soft cheese
tape is all about working on your tracks
and basking in that luxurious vintage
sound it’s available for spending $99
let’s check a tape out on our piano loop
we’ll start with an amount of 0 so it’s
gonna be dry and we’ll turn the amount
now you’ll notice it’s not doing an
awful lot and if we muck about with the
very settings you’ll hear that
the effect is really very subtle
so you can hear some like stuff in the
base there we shall go away if we turn
up the tape speed but that’s really
subtle yet but if we go back and see the
drum loop that we were using in the demo
adjuster then and have a play with it on
there check this out right very very
obvious and what we can learn from this
is this John beat has got a lot more
high than the piano stuff so tape is
really kind of like can give us real
strong effect particularly high end a
bit more subtle on bass and then we
could have all oh you you see and like
switching between their types is subtle
it does have little summin summin and of
course we get a big effect by turning
down the tape speeds oh lordy so yeah
tape is pretty cool and luxurious
sounding and there’s a fair bit of
nuance there so do you check out the
demo version that you can get from
softube and number two it’s reels by
audio things for reels is here audio
thing put the power of tape firmly in
your hands there’s a lotta simulated
tape speed and tight
you get command over harshness while
such flutter ducking and crosstalk
plus there’s hiss and motor noise in
there to add even more authentic take
treatment it’s not just saturation
either audio thing have thrown in some
delay algorithms too so you can get the
sound of tape delay and there’s a
limiting stage for lock your Peaks off
wheels is a mere 50 pans let’s have a
bit of a play with reels guys I’m gonna
start the thing up have a listen to the
lovely noise in the background
very nice so we’ll start with our piano
Santa you know what it sounds like it by
oK we’ve got three different types of
tape here
three different models
and like you know you get a bit of a
different effect with the borrow and the
fuss with is running
and various other things that’s just
let’s just muck about with all these
lovely noise harshness and some tough
King why Nance
now the noise is real call f ck the
motor and you can envelope with this
which seems to affect the aptitude of it
then we’ve got a let’s find out with
some other my darling
seek it’ll really ketchup stuffer and
also there’s this flipping echo built-in
let’s go for this
oh gods I’ve really come over kick this
quite a lot I had something really
subtle and tasteful going on earlier I
think that’s a bit more like kids say
look and look they’re mono as well and
you could top it all off with the tape
stop so there we go absolutely love
sounds let’s try the wet signal with the
original dry version just compare
well guys what more can I say you’ve
heard it for yourself Reles does an
absolutely fantastic job of retro stuff
up there’s a trial version I highly
recommend it you give it a go for
yourself and at number one it’s sati bye
oh hey a comprehensive take modeling
plug-in that aims to throw together as
and many types of tape machine as
Saturn offers both professional
sought-after real trills and personality
filmed all she wants – all powered by
the excellent you he and modeling talent
lets you go deep on the tape modeling
parameters giving control over repro
heads and each heat settings
it also features two and four tap delay
circuits for classic tape style delay
plus a plancha mode get some realistic
lounging on your tracks 130 euros satin
is the priciest plugging in this roundup
but it sure does give you a little toy
for your money
Saturn is a gorgeous sounding tape
plug-in don’t have time to show you
everything about it what I’m gonna do is
show you this little patch I made to get
a bit of a kind of more organic feel
shall we say on our Familia piano sample
let’s play together we’ve forgotten how
it sounds
yeah that’s the fella let’s have listen
to it with the the satin
and I haven’t got to crazy it’s just a
modern take time to get a bit of a
rougher tone if we go vintage a bit more
noisy and stuff also what you got to
know is you open up the service panel
you get all this stuff
you’re wearing your flutter controls etc
all that familiar goodness also the
speed you can get a drip right with our
high speeds bit duller with the lower
speed also pre-emphasis
seems to kind of do some distortion of
the highs
or maybe saturation who knows also
there’s this noise encoder/decoder
they give you a bit of a different sound
with different settings as well and you
can get different sounds by selecting
different ones with the decoder instead
of just matching it with the encoder
also there’s a delay also there’s a
flanch we don’t have time to look at the
property now but let’s play us out with
a bit of a flashy piano here we go
Oh beautiful stuff beautiful sounds from
the boys and girls who he well there you
have it guys a chilling a vision of the
future from the planet of the tapes for
up for more magnetic a musical mayhem
John us a real soon and I’ll catch you
Check out Current Plugin Deals | Access 3.5 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | Links to the Top 5 Tape Emulation VST Plugins below… 1. Satin (u-he) 2. Reels (AudioThing) 3. Tape (Softube) 4. Reelight (Beatskillz) 5. Bad Tape (Denise) This week, super producer Tim Cant counts down the Best Tape Emulator VST Plugins of 2020. For reelzies, keepin’ it reel, from reel-to-reel to meals-on-wheels etc etc 5. Bad Tape (Denise) This plugin emulates tape, but with extreme prejudice, with controls such as HARM and SQUEAL showing you that your audio is in for a rough night. So not only is the idea to get the vintage sound of tape – it’s to push it to its extremes, adding intentional artifacts, detuning and slowing the virtual reels, and making things wobble like an uncalibrated setup. Of course, you can dial all these effects back for some traditional subtle tape flavour, but that’s not exactly the point of Bad Tape. It’s available for just under €50. 4. Reelight (Beatskillz) When magnetic tone is your only desire, this plugin can Reelight your fire with its blend of saturation and compression effects. There’s an Input Drive control to warm the signal up just right, and an Output knob to compensate for it. There’s also a Low Boost dial and a Low Cut switch, meaning you can boost the lows through tape saturation and cut the bottom end at the same time, in a sort of Pultec-meets-tape situation. You also get control over the inches-per-second to change the playback quality, and there are Air and Noise dials to boost the highs and add some background buzz. 3. Tape (Softube) Softube’s entry into the world of magnetic tape models three types of tape machine for different takes on the sound, each more vintage than the last. From there, there’s an Amount dial to add more tapey depth to the sound, and a Tape Speed dial to disrupt the virtual tape head more or less, giving rise to more of that characteristic sound. There’s not so much more to it than that – Softube’s Tape emulation is more about the perfect, ready-to-reel processor than a bells-and-whistles tweakfest. Tape is available for $99. 2. Reels (AudioThing) For reelzies, here AudioThing have taken the sound of Tape and split the properties up into your control. As well as the simulated tape speed and type, you get command over Harshness, Wow/Flutter, Ducking and Crosstalk in the signal. There’s also Hiss and Motor Noise in there to add even more authentic tape treatment to your setup. But it’s not just tape emulation on its own here – while AudioThing were there, they threw in some delay algorithms to get the sound of tape delay as part of the bargain too. There’s also a Limiting stage that you can engage to lop some peaks off. Reels is just £50. 1. Satin (u-he) A comprehensive tape modelling plugin that aims to throw together as many types of tape machine as possible, Satin offers both professional, sought-after reel-to-reels and personality-filled dodgy ones too, all backed up by that excellent u-he modelling talent. It lets you go insanely deep on the tape modelling parameters, even with control over the Repro Heads and EQ settings. If you thought most of your time is Satin would be spent dialing in your basic tape sound, you might be wrong – it also features two- and four-tap delay circuits for a classic tape-style delay tone, plus a Flanger mode, to get some real authentic flanging on your tracks. At €130, Satin is expensive, but you get a lot of professional tone for your money. #PluginBoutique #Top5Friday #BestTapeVSTplugins

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