Check out Plugin Deals | Check out Amp Simulators Plugins | Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | Links to the Top 5 Amp Simualtors Plugin VSTs below… 5. GK Amplication 2 Pro by Audified – 4. Amplifikation Series by Kuassa – 3. Toneforge Series by JST Plugins – 2. Amp Room by Softube – 1. Bias FX 2 by Positive Grid – Looking to run your guitar through your DAW? Want to shred without the hassle of carrying a huge amp around? Tim Cant rounds up the hottest Amp Simulators that will do just the trick. 5. GK Amplification 2 Pro (Audified) This bass amp simulator models Gallien-Krueger amps, giving you control over a virtual setup without actually having to lug loads of equipment about. You get three virtual amps, nine cabs, and eight virtual microphones, each with the authentic nuances you’d expect and you can position those mics to get the perfect balance of tone. There’s all the tone modification you’d want too, such as gain, EQ and Contour controls, and there are presets to get your going. You can pick this bass-friendly package up for $75. 4. Amplifikation series (Kuassa) This boutique amp modelling series takes a case-by-case approach to recreating classic tones, with plugins like Amplifikation Caliburn giving you a small choice of amp and cab combos for when you just want some realistic-sounding guitar hardware on your tracks. In Caliburn, you get a choice of three amps, and a dual cab setup with a choice of five cab types, plus placeable mics from a choice of seven in total. Not an over-the-top number, but enough to keep things nice and versatile. Other Amplifikation-series plugins give you a different range of flavours, and their pricing starts from just £30. 3. Toneforge series (Joey Sturgis Tones) The Toneforge series is for anyone who wants to grab a predefined sound palette. With editions that ape the sound of particular guitarists such as Ben Bruce and Misha Mansoor plus the Toneforge Menace and Toneforge Guilty Pleasure amps. While Toneforge plugins don’t give you an infinitely expandable range of pedals and amp setups, they give you a focused set of tones depending on which one you plump for. Starting at $79, the Toneforge series could be the exact solution you’re after. 2. Amp Room (Softube) The kings of gear modelling bring you this opportunity to add more analogue-style goodness into your audio tracks. Amp Room nets you 6 amps, 16 cabs, 10 pedals, 3 studio effects and 8 utility modules, and if you own them, it also allows you to use various other Softube FX in its architecture too, including the luscious Tape and even the new Model 72 Synthesizer System. Amp Room will cost you €149 from Plugin Boutique. 1. Bias FX 2 (Positive Grid) Taking a simple to use but incredibly deep approach to virtual amplification, Bias FX 2 lets you combine amp models, pedals and virtual microphones to get your perfect rig. The number you get depends on the package you’re buying, though. You get 30 Amps and 43 Effects in the Standard version, 60 amps and 115 effects in the Pro version, and a whopping 100 amps and 122 effects in the Elite version! Plus, Guitar Match is a new feature for Bias FX 2, letting you modify your input signal as if you’re playing through a completely different type of guitar. Bias FX 2’s price tag depends on the bundle you buy, with prices starting off at £90.

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