Check out Plugin Deals | https://bit.ly/3ciI0NH Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | http://bit.ly/2MGW4Um Links to the Top 5 Speaker Emulation VST Plugins Below… 1. Tube Modulator (Audiority) https://bit.ly/3cmjsmS 2. Speakers (AudioThing) https://bit.ly/3rnRknC 3. MCabinet (MeldaProduction) https://bit.ly/3sA9tju 4. Re-Head (Blue Cat Audio) https://bit.ly/31iHyZx 5. MixChecker Pro (Audified) https://bit.ly/2NTpS3J Top Five Speaker Emulation VST Plugins 5. MixChecker Pro (Audified) https://bit.ly/2NTpS3J When you’re mixing or mastering music, you need to be sure that your sound translates to as many different playback systems as possible. But that means actually leaving your studio or sometimes – heaven forefend! – your bedroom. Fortunately, MixChecker Pro lets you reference your mix on loads of systems from the comfort of your DAW, emulating things like radios, headphones, cars, mobile devices, earbuds, and loads more. MixChecker will simulate each device’s frequency response, offers distortion options, and you can even simulare environmental and background noise, to see how your music will sound in particular places. All that for £100. 4. Re-Head (Blue Cat Audio) https://bit.ly/31iHyZx Not everyone loves listening to music on headphones, but for even those guys, sometimes it’s a necessary evil – when they’re on the road for instance, or when it’s quiet time. Re-Head helps make headphones sound more like monitors by simulating the natural reflections and crosstalk between ears that happen as a result of being in an actual space. The idea is that this will help you better judge frequency response, stereo width and so on. It costs €49 for Plugin Boutique. 3. MCabinet (MeldaProduction) https://bit.ly/3sA9tju This one was designed primarily to act as a speaker simulator for guitars and bass, but there’s plenty you can chuck at it. For £83, or cheaper as part of MeldaProduction’s bundles, MCabinet gives you four Resonators and two Wideners to start crafting the sound of your virtual cab. Further tweaks to this are accomplished using the Flattening, Widening, Smoothing and Tilt controls, and of course there’s tons of the familiar Melda features there to boot. 2. Speakers (AudioThing) https://bit.ly/3rnRknC Another plugin that can help you listen to your mix through different sets of speakers, but this time, it’s for creative effects. Speakers is stocked with emulations of real speakers including cabinets, devices, phones, radios and toys. You can also use the plugin to emulate microphones, add some distortion, and to add background noises to reference through. The signal routing is interchangeable here as well. You can get Speakers for £80 at Plugin Boutique. 1. Tube Modulator (Audiority) https://bit.ly/3cmjsmS A great emulation of a Leslie-style rotating speaker, Tube Modulator gives you a choice between classic chorus and vibrato types, and plenty of LFO shapes. A bunch of simple controls, plus a lovely oscilloscope, will help you get that perfect waggling, undulating sound. What’s more, it’s about £30, so there’s not much stopping you from getting your mits this rotary goodness.

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