hey what’s up everybody this is Joshua
Casper, I’m here with plugin boutique and
today I’m gonna show you how to download
and install scaler on your machine so
here I am on plugin boutique calm I’m
signed in and all I need to do is go to
my account click it and you’ll see that
I have scaler right here now if for some
reason this video isn’t enough you can
download the installation documents
right here you can click view documents
and it will show you pretty much
everything I’m about to show you now you
also see that serial number right here
is a clickable link I’m gonna click that
and you’ll see that it’s gonna download
a file so this is the license file for
scaler and that’s gonna come in handy in
a little bit so that’s why we’re gonna
download it now we’re also going to
download scaler
you can click here to make sure you’re
getting the right version there’s only
one available 1.1.1 I’m gonna go ahead
and download it for Windows and I’m
gonna let that download and then come
back to you when it’s time to install ok
so the Downloads finished I’m gonna go
ahead and close the web browser here and
I’m gonna go to my download area
downloads and here I have the scaler
license I’m gonna put that on the
desktop for right now and I’m also gonna
put the scalar zip drive onto my desktop
it just makes things easier you don’t
need to do that step but just makes
things easier right I’m gonna double
Click to open the zip take the Exe and
drag it out again if you have Windows 10
you can just click and actually install
the program right from the zip file but
you don’t have to and I like to do it
this way just so I can keep things
organized double click to install it and
by the way, you should have your da W
closed at this point if it’s open it’s
not a big deal you’re just gonna have to
close it and then reopen it after you do
the install so it’s gonna get the
dialogue here yes so now we need to
choose where these files are gonna be
installed and I’m gonna go ahead and
browse to my D Drive because my C Drive
is filled but usually, Steinberg is where
you want to install them that’s the
default location for almost all vsts so
it’s probably better to leave it there I
just need to change it because
my C Drive is almost full so I’m gonna
go ahead and just VST plugins’ here okay
and now we can choose what we’re gonna
install again if you have plenty of room
just go ahead and install everything
it’s not gonna make a big difference I
only need VST 64 because I am only using
the 64-bit version of Ableton Live but
again if you’re not sure what to do here
just leave everything checked here we go
just get one last look at what we’re
doing hit install click finish and then
launch the da W I’m using Ableton Live
but this is gonna be the same thing for
any other data but you have you’re just
gonna launch it and then look for scaler
so I’m inside of plugins and I’m just
gonna come up to the search bar I’m
going to type scalar VST Vista plugs and
here it is now dropped it inside of here
and it says to purchase a license or
register a license file and that’s what
we’re gonna do here because we already
have the license file right we’ve
already purchased it if you haven’t you
want to click here and that’ll bring you
to plug-in boutique where you can
purchase the download file but here I’m
just going to click register go to the
desktop find that scale or a license
file double click to load it and then we
just need to enter our email address
associated with the account that we use
to download it from plug-in boutique
click OK
and boom there we go I’ve got the full
registered version of scaler available
you can see right here that it says
registered and it was as simple as that
so I hope that helps and enjoy using
scaler we’ll see you next time
Scaler – The Creative Chord Composer ( Joshua Casper shows how to easily DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Scaler from the Plugin Boutique site. About Scaler Scaler is a unique and inspirational MIDI effect that makes finding chords and progressions intuitive and fun! With note detection, scale selection and chord suggestions, scaler is a comprehensive but easy-to-use toolbox that will help anyone make better music. A first of its kind, Scaler can determine what key and scale you’re in and suggest chords that match your music, or it can inspire a tune from scratch by providing a set of initial chords in an unexplored key. With the onboard bank of 1,728 scales and modes including genre and artist presets, there’s more than enough to keep the juices flowing. Once you’ve determined a scale, Scaler lays out basic diatonic chords for you to audition, and lets you take things further with dozens of chord variations and voicings to try out. Theory buffs can also get an insight into each chord’s harmonic function. Ready to put together a progression? Simply drag and drop chords into Scaler’s sequencer, change up octaves and inversions, and record or drag the progression into your DAW. Benefits • Discover your music’s key and explore alternative scales and chord sets • Choose from hundreds of keys, and get the harmonic flavours of pro artists • Easily audition chords and find alternative voicings and common substitutions • Quickly build intelligent progressions by dragging chords into Scaler’s chord sequencer • Drag chords and progressions from anywhere in the plugin out to your DAW For more information and pricing visit:

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