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Fabfilter just updated a lot of their plugins, but the Pro-Q 3 got the biggest one, so we wanted to share it with you.

Among bug fixes and other back-end improvements, Fabfliter went ahead and implemented a system for external triggers for the Dynamic EQ nodes!

In this video, Joshua Casper talks about how awesome this is and how much more surgical this style of EQ is over any single band compressor or static EQ.

The process is quite simple. In the Pro-Q 3, simply add a filter node.

Then, set up an external side chain signal to get pumped into the Pro-Q 3. This process will be a bit different in each DAW, but in the video you will see how to do it in Ableton Live. For the others check the User Manual.

Then, make the filter node dynamic by manipulating the ring on the outside of the big gain knob.

Right now, the dynamic EQ will be reacting to the internal sound source. So, simply hit the “Auto” button on the top of the gain knob. Then you will see the new button. Click it and the Dynamic EQ will react to the audio in the external channel. AWESOME!

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