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Parallels is a new – and incredible synth – from Softube. It is a simple to use while outputting some of the most complex and rich sounds I’ve ever heard… and that’s no exaggeration! It’s all coming up, so let’s get into it.

At its core, Parallels is a 14-voice polyphonic synthesizer. The polyphony is shared between 2 layers that are beautifully colored by modulation routing amidst some of the most sleek and stylish synth GUI design I’ve ever seen. I am going to get into the details in a bit, but first let’s just hear some of the sounds coming out of Parallels.

Are you not impressed?

When I hear that, some words come to mind. Rich. Complex. Colorful. Warm. Incredible.

So, as I said at the beginning of this video Parallels is a simple to use, stripped down synth, that sounds like a million bucks! Let’s break it down.

2 sound sources beautifully mirror each other in layout. These use pre-recorded multi-level waveforms, which can be selected from their respective drop downs. Each sound source section has its own dedicated color modulation and amp envelope.

To the right of the source section is the Shaper section which contains 3 different filtering modes. Low Pass Gate (LPG), State Variable Filter (SVF), and Resonator (RES) each with 3 modulatable parameters.

Which is a perfect Segway to what Softube calls the Mod Pod.
This area has 4 modulation slots each with 5 different and unique kinds of modulators which can be routed to virtually anywhere in Parallels. The modulation types are Low Frequency Modulation (LFO), a digital Random Source (RND), a Euclidian sequencer (EUC), a polyphonic modulation envelope (ENV), and a modulation sequencer (SEQ).

Again, on top of the functionality here, just look at the presentation. So good.

Finally, over to the far right is the on-board effects which are routed in series in the final output stage and can each be bypassed if you want. Here you have Distortion, Chorus, Flanger, Delay and finally reverb.

And, that’s it. That’s what is making some of the best, most complex and rich sounds I’ve ever heard. I mean, the synth is visually stunning too, which isn’t necessary, but what a wonderful touch!

Anyway, that’s a quick look and listen to Softube’s new synth Parallels and it’s available now on plugin, links in the video description.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up-to-date on everything in the world of plugins, I’m Joshua Casper and I’ll see you in the next video!

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