MSW1 – Stereo Width Plugin By SoundSpot

SoundSpot introduce MSW1 an ultra smooth stereo imaging plugin for mixing and mastering (

A well balanced stereo image is essential in any mix. It can be a challenge however, to assign the proper amount of space to all individual elements in your mix without stressing your CPU, or to smoothly automate the entire stereo image during mastering. 

We designed MSW1 to be an ultra light tool for quickly narrowing or widening any stereo track, with just one control. It is extremely well suited for automation purposes, because the main control, as well as the bypass function, is smoothed out to prevent any clicks or pops when changing settings fast.  The MSW1 is a quick and easy tool for smooth efficient stereo imaging.  


• Narrow or widen any stereo track
• Simple ‘one knob’ workflow
• Smooth bypass function for easy automation without clicks
• Extremely light on CPU and RAM

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