Check out Model 84 | Check out Plugin Deals | Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer by Softube The Resurrection of a Polyphonic Icon An 80s-era icon of polyphonic synthesizing faithfully emulated through circuit modelling on a component level. The true-to-the-original sound and unique features of the revered hardware—such as two poly modes with proper voice allocation—plus fresh innovations. Three versions included: instrument, a chorus for Amp Room, and seven modules for Modular. The year is 1984. Splashing down is a majorly righteous polyphonic synthesizer that will go on to outrun its era. Thirty-odd years later, Softube are still vibing on the gnarly Synthwave reverberations this paragon can produce. Used on countless records by innumerable artists, it’s a six-voice synth that set a standard and established a sound. Now it’s time to discover what it can do in the DAW. Softube applied their award-winning modelling expertise to a fully-serviced and calibrated 1984 unit and the result is a perfect facsimile of the original hardware. Using rock & roll science, Softube have created a plugin that has all the quirks and non-linearities of the 1980s-era idol. Even the clutch factory presets with easy recall of the ’80s sounds heard on copious number-one hits. Added features and flexibility bring the prototype’s influential and unmistakable sound motoring into modern production environs: from Softube’s official Eurorack platform, Modular, to Softube’s pro audio guitar & bass platform, Amp Room—and beyond. Introducing the most excellent Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer. The retro-future is here. Features The authentic sound of the 1980s in plug-in and module form Meticulously modelled on a pristine 1984 polyphonic synthesizer Three versions included: Model 84 Instrument, Model 84 Chorus module for Softube Amp Room, and seven Model 84 modules for Softube Modular. The unison phase sounds of the original Factory presets for easy recall of classic sounds Stunning artist presets—from classic sounds to contemporary, crispy leads Increased velocity and aftertouch support for added control over the amp, filter, and PW The addition of extended unison mode for higher control over sync An expanded control panel with added parameters for finetuning Pitch and mod wheel assignment, glide, and voice allocation for creative playing #PluginBoutique #Softube #Model84

The Model 84 by Softube | Epic Vintage Lead to Lush Plucks in 1 Minute video was embedded from Youtube channel “”. Video source

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