Gain Reduction Deluxe Vocal Compressor Plugin By JST – Show Reveal

Producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier gives a show and reveal tour of JST’s Gain Reduction Deluxe (formerly just called Gain Reduction) vocal compressor plugin (

About Gain Reduction Deluxe

Get the signature Joey Sturgis vocal sound as heard on albums from artists like Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men, Attack! Attack! from labels like Rise Records, Sumerian Records, and Fearless Records! Gain Reduction Deluxe is a vocal compressor plugin by producer Joey Sturgis.

This plugin is intended for vocalists, musicians, engineers, mixers, and all audio production people alike! This compressor will instantly give you mix-ready sounding vocals with little to no effort, just insert the plugin on your track and you’re ready to go. Turn the knobs to tame or tighten your sound! Crank the gain to saturate and distort! Try it on drums and other instruments too. Gain Reduction Deluxe is your new go-to compressor!

Gain Reduction Deluxe replaces Gain Reduction and is the first major update to the original plugin, Gain Reduction.

Find out more and download free trial demo here:

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