Hey what’s up everybody Joshua Casperh
we’re back I too is PluginBboutique
and I’ve got another giveaway for you
for the entire month of February with
any purchase from our website will
automatically add the applied acoustic
systems AAS player to your account now
you don’t just get the player you
actually get to pick two packs out of
all the different packs that they have
and they have a wide range of more than
35 available so there’s definitely
something in there for everybody now
there’s actually a couple other really
cool features that are baked inside of
the player and actually are involved
with some of the instruments we have
applied acoustic systems so I want to
show you what those are it’s all coming
up so let’s get into it alright so this
is gonna be a fairly straightforward and
a quick video I just want to show you the
player and talk about what it is and
then show you a couple of cool
additional things that have to do with
it this is the player here on the screen
when you select your two packs you’re
gonna download it install it not only
will you get your two packs but you’ll
also get a third pack called swatches
which actually contains tasters of all
the available packs so if you’re
thinking about getting a pack in the
future jump into the swatches inside of
the player and test a few of the presets
out to see if that’s something you’re
looking for it’s huge in fact let me
go ahead and open it up if I come in
here to where the presets actually are
you’ll see down here at the bottom
there’s almost 500 presets inside of
therefrom all of the different packs
there are well over 35 it’s like 40
something to choose from all different
styles genres and so on
and you can see here I chose good folks
and transparency so if I come here to
good folks this is an essentially a
preset player for strum so these presets
were made and strum and then if I come
in here I have all of my
different loops to choose from so right
now I’m on drivers main
and then I have that same one with
tremolo or course or notch filter or
some drive on it
now one’s got a little bit of melody on
top and then if I keying tin you down
the presets here I can come to my chords
and these are just one chord strums
so if I want to come in and maybe make
something I’m just using my keyboard
here on my laptop, you can see here that
we’ve got different chords and then at
further down we get two keys where it’s
just single notes
and again it’s the same one with
different effects on top of it so you
have quite a variety to choose from now
the fun doesn’t stop there if I come
into transparency, this was actually made
with Ultra Analog, VA 3 and I have that
so when I installed the player with the
PACs if I jump into ultra analog VA 3
here for a second and then coming to my
browser look right here the pack has
been installed here so let me come over
here to the player for a second and it’s
really cool I got a bunch of symbols
high hats kicks percussions snares
effects plucks arpeggios and again 227
if I come in here to let’s say this
texture are waiting and let me go-ahead
and armed the player here that’s what it
sounds like the inside of the player and
that’s perfectly great but if I come
into the pack inside of ultra analog VA
3 I can come to a waiting arm this track
and it’s exactly the same but now I
actually have full access to all of the
presets so when you get at one of these
preset packs for the player you’re
actually getting the preset for the
instrument that was used to create it as
well so if you have any AAS instruments
like strum or ultra analog for example
you can jump in and actually have full
control over the presets or if you just
have the player you can use the preset
as is each one of the packs on so on the
artwork will tell you what instrument
was used to create it that means with
this particular deal for the entire
month of February you’re getting presets
for the instrument if you have it or
just the preset player or two different
packs and as I said before there is a
huge variety to choose from anyway I
just wanted to share that information
with you real quickly definitely click
the link in the video description to
find out details I’m Joshua Kasper I
hope you learned something and I’ll see
you in the next video
Check out ful giveaway details | Check out Plugin Deals | Access 3.5 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | (Offer ends 2nd March 2020) Important Notes: You cannot use Virtual Cash or 100% off coupon codes to pay for your entire order when claiming your free plugin and sound packs. You must have a registered Plugin Boutique account in order to complete a transaction. Every purchase from Plugin Boutique until 2nd March 2020 proves you eligible for this free product, usually priced £59.95 / $79. This offer is not valid on free products – you must purchase a product in order to receive your free copy of AAS Player + 2 Sound Packs. This offer is non-transferable. If you already own AAS Player + 2 Sound Packs, we are unable to offer an alternative product. You cannot resell your copy of AAS Player + 2 Sound Packs . Your Choice of Over 200 Sounds to use within AAS Player Applied Acoustics Systems have created 45 Sound Packs that can be used within their simplest plugin, the AAS Player. For a limited time only, you can choose two full packs from the selection to download and start using – both of your packs come with the AAS Player plugin, providing everything you need to start using your new sounds in your next production. Professional Sound Design across a Huge Variety of Genres Applied Acoustics Systems have partnered with some of the industry’s top sound designers, including Daniel Stawczyk, Christian Laffitte, Thiago Pinheiro, Richard Devine & more, creating a database of over 3300 sounds to choose from. The sound packs span a diverse range of genres from drum & bass, techno, synthwave & cinematic, to hip hop, pop, rock & folk. All of the sound packs have also been designed for and can be used in Applied Acoustics Systems’ range of synthesizers, including Ultra Analog VA-3, String Studio VS-3, Chromaphone 2 and Strum GS-2. Discover the full range of packs below to choose two packs that are perfect for you. Ultra-Analog VA-3 Sound Packs​ Plastic Pop: New wave and synthpop sounds. Pivotal: Synthetic, addictive, and mood-altering. 30.8676 Hz: Fat, thumping analogue goodness. Low End Theory: Urban, trap & hip hop sounds. Transparency: Percussive analogue synths & FX. Reverence: Modern and vintage analogue synths. Angelicals: Experimental sci-fi and thriller sounds. Raw: From subtle warmth to screaming distortion. Cinémathèque: Sounds for horror, romance, suspense, or drama. Analog Essentials: Techno, urban, trance, electro, trip-hop sounds. Ultra FX: Customizable sound ideas, room tones and sound effects. Starlight: Ambient leads, basses, rhythms & synths from outer space. Abstractions: Percussion hits & loops, unusual basses and thick pads. Technocracy: Tech House, minimal, melodic, dub, dark, and main room. Sounds from BLKRTZ: Evolving chords, stabs, sequences & ambience. String Studio VS-3 Sound Packs Masala: Bouncing, buzzing, and sizzling. Masala 2: Genuine, organic and authentic. String Theory: Rich, complex, and refined sounds. Journeys: Sounds with an intrinsic acoustic quality. Aftermath: Sounds for a fresh, expressive and unsettling sense. Fear Within: Uneasy ambiences, grisly melodic keys & immersive pads. Frontier: Dazzling sounds coming straight out of deep-space exploration. Harmonic Geometry: Elaborate timbral perspectives and intricate textural spaces. Entangled Species: Sonics for electro-acoustic, ambient and film music arrangements. Stranger Strings: Sounds spanning rock, pop, industrial, movie soundtracks, hip hop & trap. Chromaphone 2 Sound Packs Hover: Dusty analogue tones. Digital Sins: Retro-futuristic sounds. Synth City: Nostalgia of the 1980s’ vibe. Cinematix: Monumental hits and percussions. Synbiosis: Advanced sound design & synthesis. Octagon: Carefully designed arpeggiated layered sounds. Epicycles: An unsettling and opaque collection of new sounds. Cardinals: Sounds scattered across synths, strings, pads & more. Deconstruction: Harsh and hypnotising yet beautiful aural landscapes. Solids: Blurring the line between analogue, FM, and physical modelling. Microsound Textures: Sounds with precision, detail, subtlety and complexity. Multiverse: Otherworldly textures and unusual melodic and percussive elements. KitNetix: From epic soundtrack via weird electronica to gentle ambient minimalism. Turmoil District: Dreamy and haunting vibes of trap, cloud trap, RnB, hip hop & ambient. Strum GS-2 Sound Packs​ Good Folks: Exploring the world of contemporary folk music. Pop Rocks: Pop-infused acoustic and electric guitar goodness. Funky: From tight, muted stabs to slick rhythmic chord progressions. Blue Rhythms: Soulful sounds of the ’70s, from Motown to Muscle Shoals. Take 3: Funky, odd time signature grooves for rock, blues, pop, country, and reggae. Power Chords: Ranging from sparkly clean guitar sounds all the way up to high-gain territory. and more… #PluginBoutique #FreePlugin #FreeVST

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