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What’s up everybody, Joshua Casper back with Plugin Boutique and it’s been a couple months since we’ve given anything away to you… our community. Well, that ends today. I’m excited to say that we’ve teamed up with Accusonus to you get you a free copy of Regroover Essential for making any purchase on our site for the entire month of April… and that ANYTHING even means any $1 deals we have going on. So, click the links in the video description to see what’s good, but before you do, let me introduce you to the power of Regroover Essential.
It’s all coming up, so let’s get into it!

Regroover Essential takes an audio file and splits it up into stems… yeah. Really.

Regroover is a VST instrument that lives in your DAW. Launch it and just drag and drop any supported audio files into it.

Let me show you with this drum loop.

Let’s say I want to remove this bassy kick to leave room for a fat bassline.

As soon as I release the file, Regroover uses artificial intelligence to separate the elements onto 4 tracks.

From here, I can remix the levels of the elements, change the start and end times, move elements from one stem to another by adjusting the Split parameters, erase things or use the build in Gate, EQ, or Compressor for each channel.

But, for me, I just want to get rid of these bassy kicks. So, I need to highlight this audio bits on the bassy kicks channel and hit split to remove them from the channel. Then simply mute the channel. BOOM! No more bassy kicks in this drum loop.

Another cool thing to; you can even trigger each stem right from Regroover Essential via MIDI notes in your DAW. This is really useful in conjunction with moving the start and end points of the channels if you are looking to completely rework the loop.
You can get all of those tasty features and many more for free with your next purchase from Plugin Boutique throughout the month of April!

Anyway, I’m Joshua Casper, this is Plugin Boutique, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more giveaways like this and to stay up-to-date on everything in the world of plugins.



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