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Comeback Kid by Baby Audio | Analog Flavour Delay VST Plugin | Tutorial Review of Main Features

Hey what’s up everybody Joshua Caper
back at you with plug-in boutique and
today we’re taking a look at the comeback
kid from baby audio this is a brand new
effects plugin and I’m really digging it
I’ve had a bunch of time with it and
I’ve been really impressed with what
comes out of this thing it’s kind of
like a delay effect with a bunch of
other effects that you can affect that
delay effect with if that makes sense so
what I’m gonna do in this video is a plea
you a few of the presets it comes with
60 presets and then I’m gonna walk you
through each of the main sections you
just got five main sessions the shaper
stereo flavor output and then the main
kind of delay section this is the sound
by itself without any comeback kid on it
pretty good sound but when I slap come
back hit on it with the lots of sauce
preset it just sounds so good so what
I’m gonna do is just go ahead and let
this play it I’m gonna flip through some
of these presets I’m not gonna be able
to do them all because there are 60
that’s a lot but I think I’m gonna go
through enough to give you a general
idea of what this is capable of so let’s
go ahead and do that
all right so that’s about 20 of the 60
presets there and I hope you agree with
me that they all sound really really
character-rich some of them are very
simple just kind of like reverb and a
simple delay and others are just like
out-of-this-world spacey effects and
they all bring a certain amount of
the character that is just next-level so
let’s walk through what is available in
terms of controls on the comeback kid so
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna come over
here to the output section, this is kind
of a good place to start because I’m
just gonna pull down the dry signal and
we’re just gonna hear the wet signal so
next to that we also have a built-in
Ducker which I think most plugins should
have especially reverb and delay plugins
but they don’t all have it and what this
does is attenuates the effected signal
when there’s an incoming unaffected
signal or the dry signal and when I have
the dry all the way down when the audio
is ducked that’s when the original signal
is happening so what I’m gonna do is
again I’m gonna pull down the dry pull
up the ducting here I just switched the
preset and you’ll also notice that you
can actually change the different color
scheme here and you can also make it
bigger or smaller as well
so we have our feedback sections and we
can turn the delay on straight dotted
triplet or freeform
from there I want to jump over to the
shape or section here we have a low cut
and high cut filter with some really
nice filter algorithms and another
really cool thing about the shaper is
the attack and sustain and this is
actually a transient shaper for the
delayed signal so I’ve got kind of a
nice attack on this synth but if I
wanted to I could remove that attack and
get kind of a more of a dreamy you know
kind of state isn’t that cool
I’ve never really seen a transient
shaper for a delay line in a plugin
before so I mean it’s there and it
actually comes in quite handy depending
on what kind of delay line you’re
looking for from there we’ve got a
stereo section this just has to do with
your panning
you can some tamaño wider enricher are
somewhat similar waters just gonna add
kind of that stereotypical stereo width
and Richards gonna do something similar
but by doing small pitch fluctuations as
opposed to time fluctuations so those
two in combination with each other are
really really powerful in terms of
getting that stereo spread or the
correct stereo spread that you’re
looking for from there we’re gonna slide
over to the flavor and the reason why we
still have a little bit of that kind of
you know
low-five occasion happening is because I
didn’t flip down the cheap knob this is
a one-click kind of effect that engages
an 11-bit signal path that introduces
other artifacts to the sound quality it
messes with pitch stability so if I’m
looking for a really clean sound what I
would do is make sure these flavors are
all down here
it makes our cheap is off and there you
can see we’ve got a much cleaner signal
that’s automatically my kinda add that
hiss to that sound I’m gonna go ahead
and turn it off tape kind of your
standard tape effect
something like a saturation/distortion
tool swirl is going to continue to add
the sort of analog feel to the signal so
it’s gonna add a little bit of movement
at lower set lower setting so it’s gonna
add a little bit of movement at lower
settings and something more like phasing
at higher settings sauce is reverb and
that’s really all there is to it but all
of these parameters when combined to
varying degrees you can get a really
wide variation out of this so what I’m
gonna do is go ahead and unsolo the
track I’m gonna let the drums in the
baseline play and just continue to flip
through some of these presets because I
really want you to see the full range of
what comeback kid is capable of
Check out Comeback Kid | http://bit.ly/33tOG5N Check out VST Plugin Deals | http://bit.ly/2TZcE5r Access 3.5 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | http://bit.ly/2MGW4Um In this video, Joshua Casper reviews all the main parameters on Baby Audio’s newest VST Plugin Comeback Kid. He also demonstartes a number of the 60 presets. About COmeback Kid by Baby Audio Hands-on delay with an analogue flavour. Audio plugin for Mac and PC. A delay worth waiting for. Of all the essential mix tools, the delay may be the most creatively satisfying. So Baby Audio asked themselves: could they take one of their favourite effects and give it an upgrade? They set out to develop their vision for a warmer sounding, more inspiring delay plugin: One that lets you design your own delay sounds through a versatile selection of onboard flavouring tools. Easily and intuitively. Comeback Kid includes everything you’d expect from a new go-to delay — plus some unexpected extras. Features Set up your delay: BPM-synced modes: Straight, dotted, triplet. Free mode: 0.01 ms – 2500 ms. Ping-Pong option. Add some character: Lo-Cut + Hi-Cut: Tame your delays with analogue-modelled filters. Attack + Sustain: Sculpt your delays with flexible transient designers. Cheap: Degrade you delays with a custom 11-bit signal path — modelled after vintage digital units. Tape: Warm-up your delays with analogue-style tape saturation. Swirl: Add movement to your delays with an analogue-modelled phaser. Sauce: Add space to your delays with a touch of algorithmic reverb. Wider: Widen your delays through L/R time variations. Richer: Add dimension to your delays through L/R pitch variations. Pan: Place your delays in the stereo image. Mono: Turn your delays into mono. Ducker: Lower your delays when the dry signal is playing — for a cleaner, more modern sound. Destiny: Leave your delays to destiny — for a less robotic, more human and unpredictable vibe. #PluginBoutique #ComebackKid #BabyAudio

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