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In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper goes in-depth into the Match Tool in Kiloheats 31-band Graphic EQ rightfully called “Carve EQ”

You will learn 3 methods of matching EQ curve profiles to your project’s EQ.

The first thing you need to do in Carve EQ to use the Match Tool is create an EQ Profile of your project. To do this you simply hit the record button and let your song play. It is highly suggested you use the “drop” or main portion of your song and let it play for a while until the EQ Curve settles into a good average.

Then you have 3 methods of applying the Match function.

First, you can use any of the many EQ profile presets that come with Carve EQ. These are EQ profiles of popular songs in a number of popular genres, including Hip Hop, Rock, House, Country, and more.

Second, you can easily import and create custom profiles. You can do this with another one of your tracks or any track from your library. Perhaps a similar song from a professionally mastered track that you think exemplies your desired goal for your project.

Third, you will learn how to set up a SideChain signal that gets pumped into Carve EQ. You will then need to record its profile, just like you did with your current project in the beginning.

All of these Match options have a number of parameters to help you shape the EQ curve to your liking. Parameters like “Detial”, “Amount”, Invert and Stereo are at your disposal for quick and general fixes.

Of course, you then have full access to all of Carve EQ’s powerful feature set to make any detailed adjustments you feel are necessary.


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