Carbon Electra 1.5 by Plugin Boutique | 4 Oscillator Subtractive Synth

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Davide Carbone talks about the new features in the update for Plugin Boutique’s VSTi Carbon Electra.

Plugin Boutique announces Carbon Electra 1.5, a powerful and intuitive 4 Oscillator Subtractive Synthesiser featuring Informative Displays, Editable Step Sequencer, Vocal Filter, Multi Unison, Integrated Distortion and Analog Control.

Carbon Electra has been developed as an advanced learning tool while also being a powerful and easy to program synth. It’s based on vintage analogue routing and features
flexible modulation options including an editable stepper and note Performer. The graphical displays act as a comprehensive information tool as well as an accurate guide to each parameter change. Best of all, it sounds Incredible.

New Features in Version 1.5

New sequencer function for step envelope:
Includes an extended 28 semitone range and rests with support for pitch sweeps, legato glide and envelope re-trigger. Create analog style note recordings with a modern twist.

All new classic analog style filter modes:
Sallen-Key 12dB Low Pass Filter, 6dB Band Pass Filter and 6dB High Pass Filter and Soft OTA 24dB Low Pass Filter. New filter modes allow a wider range of tones from smooth crunchiness to screaming self-oscillation.

True filter bypass:
It is also now possible to bypass (disable) the filter for raw oscillator timbres.

New Distortion mode:
Provides brighter, harsher and in-your-face distortion without overdrive muddiness.

Oscillator 1 FM modulation switch:
Easily create classic FM sounds.

Step Envelope Menu:
Step Envelope context menu (right-click on Step Envelope text) with copy, paste and other features ease’s graph editing and makes it possible to easily copy data between presets.

Over one hundred and fifty new presets
Exclusive to Carbon Electra 1.5 – new presets using all the new features and including ACID, SEQUENCE, LEAD AND FX banks

Mousewheel functionality implemented on MacOS


Check Out Carbon Electra at Plugin Boutique http://bit.ly/2NEdO4X

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