I’m gonna go with some oddball ones I’m
gonna tell you things that I really
legit use okay so um my first my first
go to you can I don’t know how much you
can see in the frame here but I’m surrounded
in a room of subtractive analog
synthesizers so I obviously I love the
love the hardware stuff and I love the
software stuff so my go-to using the
software domain would be as follows this
is in no particular order um I love and
this is gonna be one everyone knows and
uses also – I love the guy that made it
I love Serum I think Steve Duda is an
absolute wizard genius and deserves all
the credit for making my favorite with
table synth is great to clean it’s got no
jitter sample of accurate I use it to
augment a lot of subtractive analogs
synth if I’m laying down you know big
bass part on the OB XA here the Minimoog
one of these things
I’ll just take in high pass filter it a
little and hit it with a serum
underneath it and it’s so consistent
right amount of subharmonic information
easy to work with so that that’s one of
my go-to softsynths I’m gonna throw a
curveball one which is loom 2 – that is
one of my favorite favorite soft scents
and you probably can’t see it but I have
unlike a huge analog rather additive
synth guy I don’t know if you can see
see that that thing back there with all
the knobs and sliders you see that one
it’s this one right here this guy this
guy right here so it’s got this two
monitors up there so um so that’s this
crazy additive instrument and it
actually belongs Klaus Schulze from
tangerine drink he used that actual
the instrument on thief the risky business
score like all these crazy scores and a
lot of my favorite tangerine dream
records it’s kind of like it was
developed at Bell Laboratories it’s a
the prototype they only made two of them the
other one Wendy Carlos has and she used
on Clockwork Orange and all these like
crazy scores anyway
I bring it up because it is like the
the pinnacle of additive synthesizers got
384 point and pull-ups crazy stuff I
have to tell you I usual and so also do
it’s really hard to work that freaking
thing like you heat it up it’s got a
mainframe it’s like a thing right
so not cuckooing in it I love it I feel
so lucky to have that machine it’s like
a museum type machine um but that said
loom 2 is like the only sense I’ve ever
heard that I can make sounds that are
kind of in that GDS wheelhouse of crazy
additive stuff so that’s a real go tube
for me I love that sense for you know
for everything from ambient stuff to
scoring things I love it um so let’s see
what are my other good twos one of my
other super goats is one of my own it’s
the only synth I’ve made which is Phobos
which is a very unusual design in that
it is basically taking a loop or a sound
source and it’s convolving it with
another sound source but it’s doing it
polyphonically so you’re actually
playing the impulse responses
polyphonically and I designed that with
the Spitfire folks because I needed
something where I could make these
subtly percolating kind of textures for
film scoring but that wasn’t like you
know an arpeggio or you know some big
pulsing thing just had this subtle kind
of rhythmic pulsing too but so I used
Phobos all the time when I’m scoring I
guess my other go twos are I want to
recommend some stuff too for folks
that are interested in this you know
subtractive analog hype textures so one
I would recommend is Deva
I think divas a really great soft synth
really big juicy sounding soft sand put
that through a couple you know you ad le
QA and you’re like good to go man that’s
like a serious serious one um and I get
dose that’s four but those are kind of
my go-to man and if I’m being honest
Check out Serum | Check out Diva | Check out Loom 2 | Check out Stutter Edit 2 | Check out Phobos | Joshua Casper recently got a chance to chat with Grammy-Nominated music composer and producer BT about his newest plugin Stutter Edit 2. Along the way, BT shared his Top go-to virtual synth VSTi Plugins, almost all of which can be found on Plugin Boutique. #BT #PluginBoutique #BestSynthPlugins

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