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Auto-Tune Access is the newest iteration of Antares’s world-renown pitch correction software Auto-Tune. This is the most affordable way to get your hands on those sweet auto-tune algorithms. Auto-Tune Access comes with a key selector and two knobs to tweak how quickly and how strong the auto-tune effect happens.

There is the Retune Speed, which is how quickly Auto-Tune Access moves an out of pitch note into the designated key. If you are looking for that “T-Pain” or “Auto-Tune” effect you will want this setting on Fast. For more transparent and natural sounding pitch correction, try medium and slow.

Then there is the “Humanize” parameter. This is specifically for sustained notes. If you want those natural sounding pitch variations to happen on vocal sustained notes you will want to turn this on. Try both Minimum and Maximum in your project to see which works best for you.

Another really great thing about Auto-Tune Access is that it has a VST2 version for all of us Ableton Live users on PC!!


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