Check out the Bundle | Check out other Plugin Deals | Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | iZotope Videos with Plugin Boutique Hey, what’s up everybody? Joshua Casper here with Plugin Boutique and a quick message to let you know about a massive bundle we have available on our site. It’s called the “Community Appreciation Bundle” and it’s from our good friends at iZotope. This bundle includes 11 iZotope plugins – that would normally cost about $1,300 – which you can grab right now for only $49! This is an incredible deal and we’re excited to be able to offer it. Now, I’ve already done full videos on more than half of the plugins in the bundle and I will leave links to them below, as well as a link to the bundle itself, but let me tell you quickly what you will find. Stutter Edit 2 lets you create the famous “stutter” editing effect with one button to slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes. Trash 2 is primed for a powerful new era of audio mangling, distortion, and experimentation. Iris 2 is an inspiring sample-based synthesizer that combines the power of a sampler, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the fun of spectral filtering. Breaktweaker is built on a futuristic MicroEdit Engine. It turns everything you know about rhythm on its head. Make beats you’ve never heard before. The entire elements suite allow you to process your vocals, clean and restore your audio, mix and master you music. Everything you need in one incredible bundle. PhoenixVerb brings clear, lifelike dimension to your mixes. Whether crafting spaces from scratch or using one of over 900 presets, it’s never been easier to create natural, authentic depth for your music. R2 introduces a lush, colourful stereo reverb algorithm to Exponential Audio’s familiar design. Use the chorus and gate effects to colour and shape your reverb signal to suit any music project. Excalibur is a stereo multi-effects plug-in unlike any other. With several modulation, pitch-shifting, and dynamics effect modules, Excalibur has the creative tools to tackle any music production, post-production, or sound design project. YES! All of that for $49 for a limited time. I think it’s safe to say it would be in your best interest to click those links in the video’s description. And as always, I’m Joshua Casper here for Plugin Boutique and I’ll see you in the next video. #iZotope #PluginBoutique #VSTbundle

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