Julian Gray In The DAW | Autonomous | Progressive & Tech House In Ableton Live

Learn How to make a Progressive House in Ableton Live, How to make Tech House In Ableton Live, How to sound like DeadMau5, How to a Mau5trap song, How to sound like EDDIE, BlackGummy, Notaker, Kaskade, with Julian Gray.

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About Multiplier

Multiplier is more than just a DJ. He’s a big personality with hands in all corners of the music industry. Some days he’ll be headlining shows or running his label, other days you might find him producing chart topping sample packs or making YouTube videos for his 50,000 subscribers.

He started producing in early 2011, and within a few years reached #8 on the overall Beatport chart, and hit a million views on YouTube.

Multiplier’s comedic approach and lack of pretence is a breath of fresh air. This approach has not only created deep, personal connections with his audience, but it’s also garnered support from platforms like Beatport, Loopmasters, DJTechTools, iZotope, and EDM.com.

He has received support from Grammy Award-winning Dave Pensado as well as influential DJs including: Dub Phizix, Electrixx, High Rankin, Heartbreak, Le Castle Vania, Calvertron, Crizzly, Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy), Nerd Rage, Dani Deahl, SaBBo, and Kev Willow.

Releases on:
High Chai Recordings [SaBBo remix, ‘STFU’ EP, and Waffle House EP]
Columns of Knowledge Recordings [Rage (Original Mix), Limits (Remix), Moderate Stimulation (Original Mix), Air (Remix)]
Mash It Up! Cologne [Construction Destruction (Original Mix)]
Straight Up! [Wow (Original Mix) and SaBBo remix]
Relentik Records [Fyah (Original Mix), Blueprint Method (Remix), Off The Wall (Original Mix), Get The Fuck (Remix), Fire EP, The Heavy (Original Mix)]
Bit Rowdy Records [Bass Invading EP]
Baked Music [Jelly Bean (Remix)]


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