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How to Use the One Shot Pattern Feature in Loopcloud

Welcome to Loopcloud, the free software from Loopmasters that makes managing and manipulating sounds fast and inspirational, this short video series helps you get more from this revolutionary music production tool.

Today’s topic is using the Pattern feature while streaming one shots from your Loopcloud library or the Loopcloud store to audition them in conjunction with your project.

The Loopcloud team knows the importance of one shot samples in music production. From kicks and snares to synth stabs and bass notes, one shots are a staple in digital music production.

When auditioning one shots in your DAW via the Loopcloud VST, it might be best to use any of the preset patterns which are all set to loop in time with your BPM.

There are standard kick and snare patterns and number of common artist patterns as well.

Make sure you kick fits with your bass and your snare sticks out in the mix all before you buy and/or download the sample itself!
Once downloaded you can drag and drop the pattern in the form of a loop or just take the original one shot itself.

All this and more with the power of Loopcloud.

That’s it for today. Thanks for watching, to view more Loopcloud videos check out the Loopmasters’s YouTube channel and if you don’t have Loopcloud installed already download it for free from!

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