Loopcloud Automatically Tags the Root Key of Any Samples!

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Loopcloud from Loopmasters is a free application for managing and manipulating the sample, loop and sound libraries of music producers. It makes finding the right sound inspirational and easy!

Have you ever asked yourself, “What key is my sample”? or, wondered how to find the root key of a sample?

When you import any of your own samples into Loopcloud it will immediately begin to analyze the audio files. On top of trying to figure out Instrument, BPM, and Genre tags, Loopcloud will also figure out the appropriate Root Key Tag as well.

It does this via Harmonic Analysis algorithms. It also looks to the file names for hints, however the file names don’t need to help and in this video we will show you how powerful Loopcloud is at discerning the proper Root Key Tag with or without a good file name.

Simple drag and drop your loops, samples and sounds into Loopcloud and let it get to work.

If you come across a sample with melodic content in your library that doesn’t have a Key Tag, you can right-click the file and choose to Analyse menu. From there you can “detect key” or “Detect Key (Ignoring FIlename)” and have Loopcloud find the correct key tag.

Ignoring file name might be good if you have a random Letter in the file name that might be confusing Loopcloud.

From that menu you can also clear any key tags for re-analysis.

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