Adding Your Own Samples – Loopcloud 5 Tutorial

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Learn how to start adding your own samples and sounds into Loopcloud 5, and how you can auto tag these sounds then preview, search and edit alongside your full sample catalogue.

Loopcloud 5 inspires the next evolution in music production. With plugin instruments, effects and cloud storage, Loopcloud release their biggest update ever.

Inspiring originality
The software will help producers create original sounds – faster than ever. The latest release includes two new plugin instruments: Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play. These collections contain thousands of sounds and instruments which have been curated by top artists and exclusive labels.

Loopcloud’s brand new interface has a compact view, ideal for split-screen use. The updated software allows users to search for sounds whilst they work – without breaking their flow. They can also try out effects and edits on samples whilst auditioning them. Importantly, they can do it before purchasing.

All Artist, Studio and Professional users will have storage space within the system, saving valuable space on their hard drives. The producer’s entire sound collection can be tagged along with the rest of Loopmasters’ extensive catalogue. Every sound they need – all in one place. A browser-based version of Loopcloud will be released soon which allows users to log in from anywhere.

About Loopcloud
Loopcloud gives artists the power to be original. The revolutionary app and plugin lets producers slice, edit and pitch millions of samples. They can also audition loops, making crucial edits in real-time. Musicians can organise and analyse their own sample collections, alongside sounds by Loopmasters and their partners. Importantly, these features allow producers to do everything in one place – the music never has to stop. This software is designed to make writer’s block a thing of the past. With Loopcloud, everything is possible.

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