ORCHESTRAL REMAKE | “One Winged Angel” (Sephiroth’s Theme)

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ORCHESTRAL REMAKE | “One Winged Angel” (Sephiroth’s Theme)

“One Winged Angel” is one of those villain themes that is so badass that you simply cannot describe its epic-ness without cussing.

In this remake, I decided to remove the brass section in the beginning because the staccato strings are just too f****** epic to be overshadowed. A rather under-utilized instrument in modern orchestral music, I also added an organ to enhance the menacing character of the villain whose theme this belongs to.

The melody played by the tremolo strings at around 0:28 (which I spotlighted in the video) is probably one of the most intimidating and overlooked villain lines of all time.

The choir was largely programmed with EWQL Hollywood Choirs, although I must say it was a rather limiting library for the hype it has generated upon release.

Listen to the original “One Winged Angel (Advent Children)” originally written by Nobuo Uematsu here:

Logic Pro X 10.4

Libraries used:
– EWQL Hollywood Choirs (Gold)
– EWQL Hollywood Strings (Gold)
– EWQL Hollywood Brass (Gold)
– EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds (Gold)
– EWQL Hollywood Percussions (Gold)
– EWQL Stormdrum 3
– EWQL Spaces
– Spectrasonics Omnisphere
– Kontakt Factory Library Organ
– Project Sam Symphobia
– Performance Samples Oceania
– Logic Pro X Stock Sounds

Opening image credits go to Wen-JR. Check out his amazing artwork and support him!
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ORCHESTRAL REMAKE | “One Winged Angel” (Sephiroth’s Theme)

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ORCHESTRAL REMAKE | “One Winged Angel” (Sephiroth’s Theme)

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