Ultralife – Oh Wonder – FL Studio Remake – Miavono

Hello lovely people!

We have had a few technical issues this week, some of the videos have not been behaving! If you watch this in 50 FPS it will probably look best.
Let Brad and I know what you thought of this Project, Brad took the lead on the sound design and structure for this one while I just gave it a polish at the end. I’m sure he’d love to hear your feedback.
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If enough people request it, we will do a full breakdown of this song talking through all the mixing processes etc :)

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The Kit We Use:
Headphones : Audio Technica ATH M20X
Monitors : KRK Rokit 5 GP3
Interface : Focusrite Scarlett ( upgrading to audient id14 this week)
Keyboard: M Audio Axiom 49 2nd Gen ( Upgrading to Novation next week)
Microphones: RODE NT 2 A and RODE NT USB (Cannot get better at the price)
Piano VST: Addictive Keys
Drum Samples : Native FL Studio or Real drum samples recorded by Warren Huart and Matt Starr ( I’ll see if they will let me share them with you guys)


Why don’t you guys make your own songs?
We do, we have lots of original music on a playlist on the channel home page and also on our main channel “Hybrid Life Music” :)
Which music College/ university did you attend?
We didn’t, we have been dioing this for about 1 year in our bedroom while studying a Biomedical engineering masters degree.

How long have you been doing this?
On and off for one year

What instruments do you play?
Between Brad and I we play Piano, Bagpipes, Guitar, Drums, Vocals( does that count?) and all the synth too :)

Check out our original music here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLML3t63J0xLC8ak2W5WjzwBntrVhbRq9q

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Instagram: @hybrid_mike
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/hybridlifemusic

We want to show people how to make new music on FL Studio 12 so that you can all join in and produce music too :)

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In 2015 I discovered my enthusiasm for music and audio; I learned how to record and produce songs in my university student room with a just cheap laptop and FL Studio. After several months of working in audio sessions between school assignments, I decided to leave uni with a 2-year engineering diploma to pursue a career in music. I wanted to learn everything I could about the industry and the artistic process, so I started making original music as half of the duo “Miavono”.

In late 2016 I began my journey on YouTube, sharing my knowledge and experiences with audio in the form of tutorials on “In The Mix”. I quickly grew a community of over 120,000 producers, artists, and audio professionals, a group of people whose passions aligned with mine. Last year I built my own home studio from the ground up in my back garden, set in the rural highlands of Scotland, and have since been supported by and involved with some of the greatest people in the industry.



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