The Making Of: Chained To The Rhythm – Katy Perry

This video shows you how we made Katy Perry’s “Chained To The Rhythm” for our cover. This making of/behind the scenes video shows some of the processing on the track , some of the sounds we used, gives you a free synth preset download and shows you some of what we get up to.
We liked the new direction from Katy Perry and Sia and thought it was bold to sing/write about something that isn’t just a generic Pop theme.

Please do check out our cover here:

Download link for the Presets:

Follow the instructions in the video, put them into the correct folders
locate the program files(x86)
image line
Mixer/plugin Presets

and put the correct file in the correct folder :)

Drum samples from Produce Like A Pro:

These guys give brilliant advice, Warren Huart is a multi platinum producer who has mixed for the likes of James Blunt and The Frey, so I trust a lot of the advice he gives.

I can’t wait to hear from you.
Instagram: @hybrid_mike
Soundcloud :

We want to show people how to make new music on fl studio 12 so that you can all join in and produce music too :)

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