The Best Mixing Advice I Can Give

In this video, I share with you one of the most vital pieces of knowledge I have learned in my time mixing and producing music. I wish I had fully understood this concept years ago as it would have saved me hundreds of hours of frustration.
The way your room affects the sound of your music is more important than what equipment you use. Without understanding how your room affects the sound coming from your speakers you will have a very difficult time getting your mix to translate to other systems, studios and venues.

Monitor calibration and acoustic treatment is an expert field, and unfortunately, this leads to most of the information on the topic being overcomplicated, elitist and difficult to apply to your own room. In this video I try to condense the core concepts and give you clear advice which you can apply in your studio when you are ready to invest in monitor calibration. In my opinion, investing in monitor calibration is worth far more than upgrading your equipment – I would prefer a £300 pair of monitors with £250 of calibration (Sonar Works Reference 4) over a £1000 pair without calibration in my room.

The Calibration I Use – Sonarworks Reference 4:


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