My Home Studio Tour – 2019

Welcome to my home studio tour. In this video, I invite you to look around my music studio where I produce and mix music along with filming all the tutorials for this channel.
It really has become my dream music studio, it’s been a long and enjoyable process to get to where it is now and I hope it can answer all the questions people ask me about the room and the gear I use.

This video is unsponsored however I will include links below to where you can purchase/find out more about the gear I use.

Other FAQ:
Where is your studio?
In the Scottish Highlands

What software do you use?
I primarily use FL Studio 20 Signature and also use Studio One v4
I use plugins from Slate digital, Izotope, TRacks5, TDR labs and a variety of free plugins.

EDIT – My microphone cut out a few times causing me to edit a few jump cuts, I also mentioned European manufacturing for good equipment but the mic broke up and I had to cut it!

Computer – Scan Computers UK Audio PC. It is 3 years into it’s life and the new versions they sell are both cheaper and more powerful!
Kali Monitors – UK – USA-
Adam Monitors –
Monitor Stands –
Monitor Calibration –
Audio Interface – UK – USA –
Headphones – UK – USA –
PRS Guitar – UK – USA –
Faith Guitar –
Solo Mic –
Corona Mic –
Lewitt Mics –
Chair –
Guitar Stands – UK – USA –
Akai Force (I was in the launch videos so was given it to keep) – USA – UK –
Cables I use all black Designacable UK –

How to make Acoustic Panels –

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