Mixing With Saturation – Why You Need It

Saturation is an amazing technique that can bring life, vibe and energy to your mixes and production. In this video I explain what it is and how to get started using it by sharing some free plugins / vsts. Saturation is a huge topic but hopefully this video sets you in the right direction :)

While some of the examples here used heavily driven tape and tube saturation, often a subtle amount is all you need and you’ll soon start getting a good ear for how much is enough. Don’t forget to explore the other forms of saturation too!

Free saturation plugins I use –
Saturation Knob – https://goo.gl/zcStnR
Headcrusher Free – http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=HeadCrusher_Free&id=2112
Ferric TDS – https://goo.gl/s75Cqz

Paid plugins-
Slate Digital Virtual Tube Collection
(I love the slate plugins but I’m not sponsored by the company, I’m a full paying customer sharing my experiences)

Gain Staging video I mentioned – https://youtu.be/pinNLBnBRe8

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