How To Turn Your Loop Into A Song – Arrangement and Production

EDIT – I said the key way C major but it’s actually D Dorian (Same notes but different root) Sorry for this but it’s easy to make silly mistakes when the pressure of filming is on and I did all of this on the spot so didn’t take the time to consider the scale properly. At the end of the day I just go by ear anyway but sorry for any confusion!

Today I show how you can take a simple idea with some potential into a bigger concept and eventually a song by trying a few simple production techniques, arrangement ideas and creativity hacks.
This video is aimed at beginners who are not familiar with arrangement and song structure.
I start with a simple 4 bar drum loop with a bass line and try to arrange it into a structure and add some variety to the song.

The video covers 3 topics:
1) Arrangement
2) How to play along with your song and create interesting chords and melodies
3) How to stay organised and motivated

Hopefully it helps you out.
Should I make more advanced videos about arrangement and structure? Let me know in the comments below :)

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