How To Improve CPU Performance In FL Studio

In this video I show you how to get better CPU performance from your computer when using FL Studio.
These are particularly useful when you are on an underpowered machine and they all helped me when I was starting out on my old laptop, hopefully, they help you too :)

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▶ Time Stamps
0:30 – Free updates – use them!
1:00 – Use an ASIO driver – Select the one for your sound card
1:20 – Increase the soundcard buffer length/buffer size – Higher values give smoother CPU performance. Lower values are better for recording
2:26 – Adjust your sample rate – Do you need to go above 48kHz?
2:50 – Buffer settings
3:00 – CPU optimisation
3:25 – Mixer quality
3:45 – Set a data folder for smooth project loading and saving
4:10 – Change Timebase (PPQ) to a lower value
5:20 – Tools – Purge unused audio clips
5:50 – Tools – Switch smart disable for all plugins
6:30 – Adjusting plugin settings
7:30 – Plugin quality modes
8:45 – Use fewer layers! (unless you really have to)
9:20 – Use fewer plugins and try to limit the mastering plugins

Groups and Sends video –
Mastering Tutorial –

11:00 – Bouncing tracks to audio – Consolidating
13:50 – Freezing Midi
14:05 – Further Computer Optimisation

▶My Computer Specs – These have been slowly upgraded over the last 3 years, part by part as I could afford it.

CPU – Intel Core i7-6700 @3.40 GHz (Overclocked to around 3.80)
RAM – 32 GB @2800 MHz Corsair (Should be 3000 but that’s as high as I could push it)
Storage – 1x250GB SSD for system
1×250 GB SSD for files
1x 1TB HDD for backups
GPU (very recent upgrade – I had no GPU for over 500 video edits!)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
Case – Fractal Design Silent Case (Whatever they were selling 3 years ago)
Cooling – Silent Fans x 4 around and in the case.

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