Career Regrets ADE 2018 My Mastering Chain – QA

Questions & Time Stamps
1:20 – Which Producers did you meet at ADE?
2:30 – Should I get studio monitors if my room isn’t treated?
3:30 – How did you get in contact with FL Studio?
4:10 – Whats the Funniest that happened during ADE?

5:45 – What do you think of Jon Bellions new music?
6:50 – How to cope with travelling and making music?
8:30 – Why did you start making music?
9:30 – Did you like Amsterdam?

9:55 – What’s your Mastering Chain?
13:00 – Did you go to any parties at ADE?
13:30 – If you could start your career again, what would you do differently?

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