Psytrance Tantra | 3,3 GB of FL Studio Templates, Samples & Presets

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Are you ready to experience deep, seductive, cinematic sounds that will expand your bodies capacity for exhilaration and deliver a journey full of hyper dimensional rhythms? W. A. Production has just released Psytrance Tantra.

This latest mega-pack is loaded with audio samples, presets, and construction kits that will bring you audio into new dimension of Psytrance. Imagine if your sound could re-route neural pathways, accelerate kinetic energy, celebrate sacred sexuality and take part in a marathon of exploration for mind, body, and soul.

Psytrance Tantra will make a perfect addition to your library. Whether you are a professional who needs to save time and create something stunning fast, a professional looking to keep up on the latest innovations in electronic music, or are new to the genre and don’t know where to start.

Inside Psytrance Tantra from W. A. Production, you will find alluring sounds of middle eastern instrumentation, epic orchestral stabs, intricate strings, and dramatic brass. We’ve also got drum loops with a seductive sway and bass lines with an intuitive sense of motion that you can feel. Let your mind wander and let the music lead your body. Let Psytrance Tantra from W. A. Production take your mix to the next level.

The fine print:

Here at W. A. Production, we adhere to a strict standard of quality. Our producers are affluent in the EDM scene and are at the forefront of creation. Buy our packs with confidence and knowing that you’ll get the latest and most innovative sounds with the utmost respect for audio production quality.

Product Details:

– 5 Construction Kits (MIDI + Presets Provided)
– 5 FL Studio Templates
– 49 Presets for Sylenth and Serum
– 36 Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
– 10 Orchestral Sounds
– 40 Kicks
– 20 Percussive Loops
– 31 Claps and Snares
– 43 Cymbals and Psy Progressive Crashes
– 11 Fills
– 10 FX
– 7 Psy Synth Shots
– 100% Royalty Free


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