Emperor & Mefjus – Disrupted (FL Studio Remake)


All the layers and steps that I followed to get this sound are really important, if you remove one of these layers as insignificant as it seems, the final sound will change completely.
That’s the why of this sound is so complex and difficult even to think in recreate.

I started with a simple Subtractive Attack sound that I made on FM8 and resampled it on Harmor, I sampled the sound on a clip and added some layering, the best part of the sound is made by PitchShifter and the filter because I added some Low pass on Harmor before resampling and some HP in parallel. This sound has as 5 steps of filtering lol
You have to say thanks to the Reeverb on the bus because it makes the sound cleaner and it’s the responsible for the most part of the body in the Mid & High frequencies.

I will try to upload the process from scratch this month.


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Thanks for watching :)

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