Deorro – ‘Crank it up’ (FL Studio Remake) [FREE FLP + SAMPLES]


how to open the flp:
how to open the flp file: extract the ‘Deorro – Crank it up [THEFRUITYREMAKES]’ from the zipped file to your desktop (for example).
Then open the extracted folder, read the note: ‘READ THIS FIRST’ and then open the flp file. Enjoy! :D

Aye, thanks for watching my video.
I’m a 16 year old house producer from the Netherlands.
Im doing Fruity now for about 1,5 year and this is my remake of ‘Deorro – Crank it up’.
I hope you like it and enjoy the flp with samples!
If you liked both the video and flp then like this video and share it with other house music lovers/producers!!!
Cheers :D

I noticed that i recieved lots of emails with questions on how to start producing and which tips and tricks i should give to producers. If you have any questions, promos or ideas then just email me at [email protected] I will answer everything! Thanks for your support and goodluck producing!!!!

questions & info: [email protected]

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FL Studio Remake) [FREE FLP + SAMPLES] Part 2″ src=”” alt=”” width=”120″ height=”90″ /> The Deorro – ‘Crank it up’ (FL Studio Remake) [FREE FLP + SAMPLES] video was embedded from Youtube channel “TheFruityRemakes”. Here is the link for the source video

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