Stardew Valley Raven’s Descent (Ableton Live 10 Remake)

Project File:

I mostly remade Raven’s Descent from Stardew Valley, this is what I do to my favorite songs to capture their essence and understand their structure and learn more about creating music.

Made with Ableton Live 10 and Serum.
Stardew Valley Raven's Descent (Ableton Live 10 Remake) Video Image 1

This video “Stardew Valley Raven’s Descent (Ableton Live 10 Remake)” has video_views plays on Youtube. And a total of 2 Likes and 0 Dislikes at the moment.

The Stardew Valley Raven’s Descent (Ableton Live 10 Remake) video was embedded from Youtube channel “Drauc”. Here is the link for the source video

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