Happy Now (Zedd) Remake Ableton Template

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Enjoy this professional remake of Happy Now by Zedd.
The Ableton Live 9 Template includes all the MIDI for the Leads, Bells and Brass sections, including all the other beautifully layered instruments and drums. All the tracks feature ABLETON STOCK PLUGINS, allowing easy access for creative use.
You can use the MIDI to insert your own instruments and apply that to different styles and remixes. The audio tracks rely on Ableton Live 9 Suite plugins. Learn arrangement tricks like automation and clearing of space before the post chorus. This in-depth template shows you how to widen your Bass Synth in the Chorus and Post Chorus section. Mid – Side techniques were used to remake this version close to the original. Special Sush-Eff saturation effect-chains were used to deliver the best remake there is of this song.
Use this professional organic Future Bass / Pop -Template while doing your own mashup or preparation for live performances. This project values educational purposes and copyrights are owned by the original authors.
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