Full course here: iZotope’s Stutter Edit 2 is an invaluable tool for creating everything from simple beat repeats to crazy sonic mangling, which help to add interest and variation to any performance or production. On this 4-hour course from Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones, you’ll be guided through the software and taught everything from basic usage to more advanced effects progression design. The course begins with some simple techniques for using the software presets to add fills to a track, before starting to explore one of the key areas of the plugin, the Stutter section. Simple beat repeats are created to start with, which eventually evolve into more complex stutters with shifting rates and gate lengths. The Buffer is then incorporated, showing how it changes the nature of a stutter and allows different stereo effects and sample reversing to be introduced. To demonstrate the versatility of the stutter section, Rob makes a pair of contrasting gestures, one that uses the Dry/Wet gains to create stutters on certain beats and another that turns a beat into a melodic line. He then moves onto the filters, making an assortment of gestures, from simple sweeps, to custom LFO modulation, stepped filtering, comb filtering and also phaser application. In the first half of the course, effects are mostly used in isolation, but as the tutorials progress, they are increasingly combined to create additional shaping, movement and colour. After guiding viewers through some other key effects, including distortion, lofi, reverb and delay, the bonus bank is demo’d, explaining how it was put together and the best ways to use it when producing or performing. The course then concludes with a pair of more complex gestures that combine tape stop with stutter freezing, filters and delay. Signing up to the course gets you immediate access to over 4 hours of tutorials, all the presets made along the way, plus an additional bonus bank of presets to help add subtle touches or gnarly, twisted FX to your production. Check out the sample module for an example of the course content, which will give you a detailed insight into the plugin and how to use it to take your tracks to the next level!

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