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Frontline are proud to bring you Upright Bass, a rich collection of Double Bass Loops and Samples guaranteed to bring some low-end funk and soul to the show.  Whether you need creeping bass licks, refined staccato swing or off-beat arpeggio rhythms – Upright Bass has all the ingredients you need for a truly warm, live and natural Double Bass accompaniment.

Bustin’ out some serious weight, Upright Bass brings you 540 Loops organised into easy to identify musical keys, ready to drop into your tracks or as a basis for a whole new jive in A, C, D, E and G Major. Each set of high-quality recordings also cover the full spectrum of tempos and styles from a downtempo 90BPM jam, to a rip-roaring 160BPM tour de force!

Additionally, Upright Bass offers up the warm acoustic sound of the double bass directly to your fingertips with 3 Multi-sampled instruments over 81 individually sampled notes – enabling you to harness all the nuances and low frequency vibrations of the Double Bass – patched and formatted for NNXT, HALion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24, without carrying more than a laptop.

In detail expect to find 723MB of content: 540 Loops and 81 Single Hits, divided into the following tempos:  90BPM (76 Loops), 110BPM (95 Loops), 120BPM (124 Loops), 127BPM (124 Loops), 140BPM (93 Loops) and 160BPM (28 Loops). In addition to this there are 540 Apple Loops, 540 Rex2 Loops 3 Multi-Sampled instruments, mentioned earlier.

Upright Bass perfectly fits the bill for RnB, Funk, Soul, Ska, Jazz and Lounge music – but is equally well suited to more conventional genres such as House, HipHop, and Breaks.  Loopmasters once again bring you soul in abundance, at a range of bass-friendly tempos arranged for prompt application into the mix.


  • 723 MB 
  • 24Bit 44.1KHz
  • 76 90 BPM Loops 
  • 95 110 BPM Loops 
  • 124 120 BPM Loops 
  • 124 127 BPM Loops 
  • 93 140 BPM Loops 
  • 28 160 BPM Loops 
  • 540 Rex2 Files 
  • 3 Double Bass Multis 
  • 3 Soft Sampler Patches


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- Upright Bass

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Upright Bass