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The Raw Cutz Super Pack, is our premium package which features all 30 launch releases from Raw Cutz – now also available in Home Grown Complete, Crate Digger Complete and Hip Hop Complete.

If you know the history of sampling then you may well be aware of some of the sample packs that changed the game – and many of these including Smokers Delight, Premier Beats, Vinylistics and the X-Static Goldmine Series were all produced by Erik at Equipped and his team. Since teaming up with Matt from Loopmasters – the pair have drawn on their knowledge, experience and contacts to bring forward a new Sample Label which is inspired by the machines, instruments and techniques  of the past, with a vision for the music of the future – this is Raw Cutz!

The Raw Cutz Super Pack is the primo sample collection for anyone who is serious about their music, whether it be for Hip Hop, Downtempo, Urban, House or other forms of Electronica and features over 5500 sounds created with pride and passion.

Whether you are looking for Punchy Kicks, Crisp Snares, Mellow Rhodes, Ethereal Vocals, Dubbed Out Basses, Glitched Jazz Guitars, Drifting Flutes, Funky Horns, Ambient Sounds, and Dusty Breaks – these smoking beats are guaranteed to add the flavour, punch and inspiration to your productions that you have been looking for.

These exclusive samples have been crafted carefully by our top producers using technology including MPC and SP1200 samplers, Technics 1210 mk2 decks, Analogue Tape Machines and vintage mics and instruments including Fender Jazz Guitars, Double Basses, Horns, Rhodes Pianos and much more besides.

“All Dance Music draws inspiration from Hip Hop”, and besides being inspired by the sounds and production techniques of the likes of J Dilla, Mad Lib, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and the Hip Hop of the 1990s, the sounds and loops we provide are also packed with atmosphere and most of all, inspiration – which we feel are relevant to multiple styles of modern music…

Weighing in at a mighty 3.3GB, this Hip Hop sample collection includes no less than 5,645 separate samples in 24 Bit Quality (!) , including 300 Raw and Dusty Break Loops (81_99Bpm), 3,510 Raw Cut Inspirational Music Samples, 755 Fat Raw Kicks, 456 Crisp Raw Snares, 322 Raw Hi Hat Samples, and 302 Break Rex Files.

The Rawcutz Super Pack includes all the material released in 30 individual sample packs and its cost is 70% less than the combined price of the single products
If you need Raw power for your music –  this is surely a pack you need to check out – or miss at your peril!


  • 24 Bit Quality 
  • 3.34GB
  • Total 5,645 Files
  • 3,510 Raw Cut Music Samples
  • 468 Raw Snare Samples
  • 302 Rex2 Files
  • 300 81-99BPM Raw Break Loops  
  • 778 Raw Kick Samples  
  • 331 Raw Hi Hat Samples 


RawCutz The Raw Cutz Super Pack - Sample Packs 2

RawCutz The Raw Cutz Super Pack - Sample Packs 3

RawCutz The Raw Cutz Super Pack - Sample Packs 4

- The Raw Cutz Super Pack

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The Raw Cutz Super Pack