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Organic Loops brings you Frame Drums – a tribal collection of upbeat Percussion sounds from one of the most ancient musical instruments on planet earth! Each sound has been meticulously played, recorded and lovingly processed, giving you access to authentic cinematic sounds 100% royalty free!

The Frame Drum is certainly one of the most ancient musical instruments and could possibly be the first drum ever invented! Organic Loops have stayed faithful to the original sound, as well as customising and augmenting it with modern production processes and methods. Over 250 Loops are included with Acoustic and Processed versions, capturing the rich tones and soft nuances to perfection, with top-spec studio gear. Expect to hear atmospheric sounds like never before!

Also included are 187 hits with Experimental, Cajo, Moroccan Frame, Subs and Rig categories – containing the unique and varied sounds possible from this timeless instrument. 279 Rex2 Loops are included, in addition to 17 sampler patches which come pre-formatted and ready for your favourite software sampler. At tempos between 80-130BPM, Frame Drums from Organic Loops is ideal for Cinematic genres, TV, Media – as well as Hip Hop, Downtempo, Ambient and Chillout Genres.

In detail expect to find 1.09Gb of content with 451 individual 24 bit wav files. 264 Loops are included with 141 Processed Loops, 23 Acoustic Frame & Perc Loops, 26 Acoustic Frame & Soft Beater, 48 Acoustic Frame & War Drum and 26 Acoustic Frame & Tabla Loops. 187 One Hits include 10 Cajo, 47 Experimental, 51 Frame Drums, 20 Moroccan Frame Drums, 26 Processed hits and 15 Sub Basses. 279 Rex2 Loops are included with 17 Software Samplers for NNXT, Halion, Sfz, Kontakt and Exs24. This pack is available in multiple formats, check the  product specs for more details.

Organic Frame Drum delivers a sling shot of sound from an ancient world, brought up to the modern day.


  • 1.09 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 141 Processed Percussion Loops
  • 48 Frame & War Drum Loops
  • 26 Frame & Soft Beater Loops
  • 26 Frame & Tabla Loops
  • 23 Frame & Perc Loops
  • 51 Frame Drum hits
  • 47 Experimental Percussion Hits
  • 26 Processed Percussion Hits
  • 20 Moroccan Frame Drum Hits
  • 18 Riq Hits15 War Drum Sub Hits
  • 10 Cajo Hits
  • 279 Rex2 Files
  • 17 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 10 Kong


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