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Niche Audio is back with the best in genre-specific sound packs. Dark Techno brings you a formidable collection of top quality techno samples in the form of a wav pack.

Dive in and you’ll find 15 expertly constructed kits ready and waiting to give the edge to your latest Techno tracks. Each kit is filled with 16 top shelf sounds that bring some serious inspiration to the table. You’ll find Driving Kicks, Subby Bass, Crisp Percussion, Moody Synths & Dark Grooves that make your tracks scream with authenticity & character.

Dark Techno holds strong and remains true to the genre while providing you with an authentic palette of sounds for you to utilise in future productions. All patterns have been skilfully programmed to instantly inspire you to dive in and get creative. Whatever music making mood that you’re in, we have you covered with only the best quality production materials.

Start making great music fast with Dark Techno. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer looking to experience the genre for the first time, you’re bound to find all of the sounds that you need to create your next Techno masterpiece with ease and style. All of the samples included are mixed and processed using the host’s built-in effects to provide you with an especially crated and authentic set of production kits. This pack is ready to use right out of the virtual box.

Everything in a Niche genre pack is about keeping you in the creative zone. Check out the main demo to find out more about what you can expect from this pack. invest in the best with Niche Audio custom production packs and authentic sample collections.


  • 16 Kick
  • 27 Clap & Snare
  • 32 Hat
  • 31 Percussion
  • 15 Ride
  • 16 Atmos
  • 16 Bass
  • 31 FX
  • 16 Key
  • 16 Pad
  • 40 Synth
  • 240 24/44.1 Samples


Niche Audio Dark Techno Wav Pack - Sample Packs 2

Niche Audio Dark Techno Wav Pack - Sample Packs 3

Niche Audio Dark Techno Wav Pack - Sample Packs 4

- Dark Techno Wav Pack

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Dark Techno Wav Pack