The Chainsmokers – The One – How We Made it – FL Studio Remake – FLP Playthrough

Full video here and other original music:

Hello everyone,
We have had quite a night, we have spent the last week working non stop on original music and tutorials and yesterday evening we had just finished an 8 hour recording session when The Chainsmokers dropped “The One”.

We immediately started building the track and learning how to sing it, by the early hours of the morning the track was finished and all that was left to do was film the video, edit it and upload it to YouTube. Somehow after being awake for over 30 hours I’m still standing to give you guys this FLP video.

This is an example of a very very quick mix, going with your gut on the fly when you just don’t have time. for original music, the mix process should take days and include plenty of rests.

Let me know what you think of it,

All The Best,

Mike and Brad

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